Catherine Giudici gives birth and gets real about post-baby body

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe
Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose

Catherine Giudici was the woman Sean Lowe chose on his season of The Bachelor and she’s been a pure joy to follow when it comes to their relationship, wedding, marriage, and parenting.

Sean and Catherine have one son, Samuel Thomas, and she recently gave birth to their second baby, a little boy named Isaiah Hendrix. While Catherine has documented her pregnancy on social media, it sounds like she wants to be completely transparent when it comes to her post-pregnancy body.

On Instagram, this former The Bachelor contestant shared before and after photos of her body. She posed in the same spot and in the same clothes. The first photo was taken just one day before she gave birth, while the after photo is just one week after giving birth. It was taken about a week ago, as Isaiah is only two weeks old.

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Many of her followers pointed out that she was beautiful, thanking her for being honest about a woman’s body after birth. Others said not to worry about her stomach, as the weight will come off again.

Catherine Giudici is a small woman so it’s possible that she will return to her slim figure sooner rather than later. It also looks like she didn’t gain a whole lot of weight during her pregnancy, so the weight should simply come off. Plus, she has a toddler she can chase around, and if she’s breastfeeding her second son, the weight could come off rather fast.

What do you think about Catherine Giudici’s attempt to show women what a pregnancy body looks like a week after giving birth? Do you think it is admirable that she’s speaking out now, as many other celebrities would shy away from being shown in full figure just weeks after giving birth?

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