Catelynn Baltierra slams Ashley Jones for spitting on Briana DeJesus: ‘I will not raise my girls that way’

Catelynn Baltierra on the red carpet
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The cast of Teen Mom Family Reunion is taking sides as the brawl between Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones plays out this season.

Briana and Ashley came to blows during Season 2 of Family Reunion filming after their moms, Roxanne and Tea, were involved in a heated discussion during a group dinner.

As Monster and Critics disclosed, Ashley reportedly spat on Briana during the scuffle, and the rest of the cast has verified the reports.

That was the case recently when Catelynn Baltierra recorded a live video on Instagram calling out Ashley’s behavior.

In the recording, Catelynn sat with her youngest daughter, Rya Rose, discussing the events that went down, including Ashley “hocking a loogie” that “smacked” Briana in the face.

Catelynn said Ashley’s actions weren’t cool, pointing out the current coronavirus pandemic and Ashley spreading diseases via her saliva, slamming it as “gross.”

The Teen Mom veteran told her IG followers that she would denounce such behavior, regardless of who was responsible.

“No, I’m calling [out] anybody on that because what’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right, and that was wrong,” Catelynn said before accusing Ashley of body-shaming some other moms from the Teen Mom franchise.

Catelynn Baltierra reacts to Ashley Jones spitting on Briana DeJesus: ‘I will not raise my girls that way’

“And then you’re gonna spit on somebody and then go online and start body-shaming people? It’s just, it’s just wrong. Like, I will not raise my girls that way,” Catelynn declared, noting that she’ll teach her daughters to uplift other women and protect them.

Only two episodes of Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 have aired, and tensions are already high. Viewers got a sneak peek of the brawl between Briana and Ashley and their moms during the January 10 episode.

Roxanne went off on Tea, accusing her daughter Ashley of bullying Briana on social media. Things escalated when Roxanne stood up, grabbed a chair, and threatened to throw it across the table at Tea.

Next week’s episode promises to air the scuffle, which showed Briana lunging at Ashley in the kitchen while security held her back. Briana and Ashley exchanged jabs as their moms were screaming insults and the rest of the cast looked shocked at what was going down.

Teen Mom Family Reunion cast speaks on Briana and Ashley’s tussle

Since the altercation, Briana has defended her mom Roxanne’s actions on Twitter, telling her followers, “I love my momma and I stand by everything she said cause she was speaking factsssssss.”

However, Ashley has chosen to remain tight-lipped except for telling her Instagram followers earlier this month that it’s “not worth” addressing the beef between herself and Briana.

Catelynn isn’t the only cast member to speak out about the altercation. Last month, Briana’s castmate and BFF, Jade Cline, told Page Six, “There was, like, multiple things in one night, and it just turned into a clusterf**k!”

Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant star Kiaya Elliott, who also has beef with Ashley, told the outlet that she didn’t expect the fight to escalate the way it did.

“It’s a shame because I would have never expected things to go that way…” she shared.

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday to see what went down.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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