Catelynn Baltierra leaks husband Tyler’s rap music — See what Teen Mom fans think of his style

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra MTV
Tyler has been recording music to help cope with his traumatic past. Pic credit: MTV

Is Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra adding “rap artist” to his resume? If his wife, Catelynn, has anything to say about it, he just might.

Unbeknownst to Teen Mom fans, Tyler has been creating music behind the scenes as a way to cope with his childhood trauma.

Being the supportive wife that she is, Catelynn Baltierra shared a snippet of Tyler’s music on social media ahead of the weekend, and it’s getting a reaction from Teen Mom viewers.

Taking to Instagram, Catelynn uploaded a sample of one of Tyler’s songs as he rapped the lyrics, “Anybody feel low like me? Anybody feel lost like me? Anyone feel anxiety? Anyone else just feel like they’re some damn freak?”

“Yeah, I’m so f**kin’ tired all the time of the bulls**t people spittin’ like they know how to fix it, but really they don’t know the half of it or what I went through as an adolescent. All the drugs and all the violence, all the addicts, all the nonsense, why?!”

Tyler continued to rap in the clip, which Catelynn uploaded to her Instagram Feed.

Tyler Baltierra thanks his wife, Catelynn, for supporting him after she uploads a sample of his rap music

Catelynn captioned the clip, “I keep telling him to share his art with people because it’s impactful & people could really relate to it! I’m so damn proud of you @tylerbaltierramtv and you are an amazing daddy!! We adore you!”

In response, Tyler took to the comments of Catelynn’s IG post to express his love for her, noting that he “never really planned” to share his music because it’s been his “personal therapeutic outlet.”

Tyler thanked Catelynn, though, for pushing him to be his “most authentic” self and supporting him along the way.

“You honestly make me a better me & I love you more than I could ever express! 🥹😭,” Tyler wrote.

Teen Mom viewers who listened to samples of Tyler’s music gave mixed reviews and weren’t shy about giving their opinions on his musical talent.

Teen Mom viewers had mixed reactions to Tyler’s rap music

Tyler’s critics sounded off, with one commenting, “Ok we let y’all slide with only fans but no… take this song outside and kill it.”

“LMAOOOOOOOOOOO Just because ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ worked for Eminem, doesn’t mean the style is for everybody,” wrote another.

tyler baltierra's critics comment on his rap music on instagram
Some Teen Mom viewers were clearly not impressed with Tyler’s rapping skills. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom__/Instagram

Another critic felt that Tyler’s fans may have instilled a false sense of confidence after recently announcing his OnlyFans account.

One Instagram critic felt that Tyler should be arrested for his music, and another wrote, “You are no eminem tyler sorry.”

Amid the criticism, however, there were some Teen Mom viewers who felt Tyler has some potential as a rap artist.

One such supporter commented that his music is “actually not bad,” suggesting that he needs some help with it.

tyler baltierra's supporters commented on his rap music on instagram
Some listeners felt Tyler has some rapping potential. Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom__/Instagram

Others expressed that the music wasn’t so bad, although one noted they “[won’t] be playing it again.”

In addition to his rap music, Tyler has turned to writing as a form of therapy and, more recently, drawing. Many of his struggles stem from his strained relationship with his father, Butch Baltierra, who has been in and out of prison and battled drug addiction for most of Tyler’s life.

Tyler has been open about his traumatic past in his storylines on Teen Mom, including using ketamine therapy, while Catelynn has also shared her own struggles with mental health, documenting multiple stays at an in-person rehab facility.

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