Cassie Randolph revealed how she found out about Colton Underwood’s sexuality

Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph reveals how and when she found out about Colton coming out. Pic credit: ABC

Cassie Randolph was part of the dramatic season of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood when he jumped the wall and said he was going to quit the show because she left.

Even though Cassie ended up with Colton, she had a rough go after their split, when Colton was accused of stalking and harassing Cassie. While she filed a restraining order, the two amicably worked it out, and the order was dropped.

Now Cassie has come out and revealed that Colton never contacted her or gave her a heads up whatsoever before he came out publicly as gay.

How did Cassie Randolph find out about Colton Underwood being gay?

After Cassie appeared on the season finale of this past season of The Bachelor, she also was a guest on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Off the Vine.

During the interview with Kaitlyn, Cassie revealed that Colton “didn’t give her a heads up about the Good Morning America appearance where he revealed his sexuality … I found out the same way that everyone else did. It was horrible.”

Cassie talked about how she saw the video of Colton making the announcement on social media, which was extremely hard for her and upsetting that Colton didn’t even tell her beforehand, especially given their past.

What did Cassie have to say about the franchise and past season of The Bachelor?

When asked by Kaitlyn why she doesn’t talk about her time from The Bachelor, Cassie commented back with, “I don’t think I even meant to not do it … I think it just kind of happened that way.”

She went on to talk about being on this past The Bachelor finale and said that she would love to make more appearances like that with the franchise because she had a lot of fun.

Cassie went on to declare, “I feel like people were so shocked that I was on … I would love to know why people thought it was such a big deal.”

While Cassie was on the finale show, she told The Bachelor, and now Bachelorette host, Jesse Palmer, that she saw so many similarities between her and Colton’s experience and Clayton and Susie’s.

Both Cassie and Susie left the show and the lead man broke up with his final two women to try and win the girl back. Cassie revealed that she hoped Susie was not feeling pressured to take Clayton back and truly stuck to what she wanted, not what she felt he did.

For Cassie Randolph’s full episode with Kaitlyn Bristowe and her Off the Vine podcast, click here.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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