Cassie Randolph gives her fans a dose of her Reality vs her Instagram ready looks

Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph shows fans her reality. Pic credit: ABC

Cassie Randolph made a name for herself in Bachelor Nation when she quit Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, causing Colton to jump over a wall. Bachelor fans everywhere couldn’t stop talking about the wall jump and Colton saying he’d walk away from the show as well.

After Colton won back Cassie, the two dated for a while before trouble started brewing between the couple. As the twosome broke up, Cassie claimed Colton harassed and stalked her, thereby causing her to file a restraining order against him.

While Colton moved on with Jordan C. Brown after shocking everyone and publicly coming out gay, Cassie herself moved on with her now-boyfriend, Brighton Reinhardt. The two have been going strong for almost a year now, and Cassie seems incredibly happy, according to her social media.

However, Cassie recently took to social media to show the difference between her Insta-ready look compared to the everyday, relaxed look that is her reality.

What was the difference between Cassie Randolph’s two photos?

Cassie shared her post while at the famous Stagecoach event that so many of the Bachelor Nation alums attend. Cassie captioned her two photos and posts saying, “Instagram vs. reality @stagecoach day 1 #stagecoach.”

In the first photo, Cassie could be seen all dolled up and ready to go out, as she lounged in a chair, complete with a drink in hand. Cassie wore a high-waisted green striped skirt with a matching crop top and donned white cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to match. She added sunglasses and had her hair braided in a cute side braid to complete her look.

In the second picture, Cassie stood in front of a Stagecoach potable water tank truck, as she raised her Coors Light in hand and saluted the camera.

She also wore a Budweiser t-shirt, brown lounge shorts, white crew socks, and Adidas slides to show off her reality and dress-down look to fans.

How is Cassie getting along now after turmoil with previous boyfriend, Colton Underwood?

While Cassie recently revealed to the public that she found out that Colton was gay right along with everyone else as he announced it publicly, she did say that she was hurt because he didn’t give her a heads-up or let her know beforehand.

However, Cassie truly seems happy with her musician boyfriend, Brighton, who had been a family friend, and Cassie’s friend, for years. In fact, recently, Cassie starred in Brighton’s music video that featured their relationship, romance, and love story.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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