Cassidy Timbrooks says ‘there is so much you guys didn’t see’ after her edit on The Bachelor

Cassidy TImbrooks
Cassidy Timbrooks sought a connection with Clayton Echard on The Bachelor Season 26. Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy Timbrooks debuted on The Bachelor Season 26 and made waves during her brief appearance.

Despite being sent home early in the season, Cassidy managed to ruffle feathers, cause drama, become a villain, and have her rose retracted.

Now, Cassidy has made posts regarding her reality show experience and how editing didn’t show all facets of her.

Cassidy Timbrooks shares interest the show didn’t capture

Cassidy Timbrooks took to her Instagram stories to share a photo of herself with sun-kissed skin and a hat. 

Offering up some interests fans didn’t learn on the show, Cassidy wrote over the photo, “editing is REAL…there is so much you guys didn’t see…”

Cassidy then teasingly shared lighthearted things about herself, writing, “for example I am obsessed with Avatar the Last Airbender and own a hand embroidered Appa hat.” 

Cassidy Timbrooks' Instagram story
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy Timbrooks addresses her reality show past 

In another post, Cassidy shared one of her tweets to her Instagram stories. 

Cassidy acknowledged the drama that caused her to be labeled a villain and eliminated from the show in the tweet.

The tweet read, “me: literally goes on a reality tv dating show, gets outed for having a pre existing fwb [friend with benefits], has gone out at least once with every man in LA.” 

Cassidy continued, “me when my 5 year ex tells me he’s started seeing someone,” and included a distorted crying photo while adding, “no it’s fine I’m fine! I’m so happy for you and not in any way devastated !” 

Cassidy Timbrooks' Instagram story
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

The Bachelor Season 26 viewers will recall that Cassidy got into it with the ladies of her season several times over the subject of her friend with benefits. 

Cassidy became outspoken about the importance of not shaming women for being sexual beings. In contrast, others in the house felt that if Cassidy wanted to have friends with benefits, then The Bachelor wasn’t the show for her since the premise is about finding lasting love and marriage. 

While some villains within The Bachelor franchise have trouble redeeming themselves, Cassidy developed a fan base of people who enjoy her honesty and humor.

With rumors of Cassidy joining the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast, time will tell if she can show even more sides of her on the summer spinoff or if she’ll be disappointed with how she’s edited on the show. 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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