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Cassidy Timbrooks reveals what Clayton Echard has in common with her Friend with Benefits

Cassidy Timbrooks
Cassidy Timbrooks compared Clayton Echard to her infamous friend with benefits. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation star Cassidy Timbrooks was one of many Bachelor Nation stars to react to part one of the dramatic The Bachelor Season 26 finale. 

Like many people, Cassidy’s take on Clayton Echard was more critical than positive. 

Cassidy even compared Clayton to her notorious friend with benefits which became a topic of discussion in the house and even a factor in what sent Cassidy packing early in the season. 

According to Cassidy, Clayton and her friend with benefits aren’t so different. 

Cassidy Timbrooks says Clayton Echard has 2 things in common with her special friend 

Clayton Echard caused major drama when he professed his love for each woman in his final three. On top of falling in love with Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and Susie Evans, Clayton also slept with Rachel and Gabby during fantasy suites. 

Cassidy Timbrooks weighed in on Clayton Echard’s questionable actions. 

Cassidy tweeted, “my fwb and clayton have two things in common, they f*** and are allergic to making up their damn mind.” 

Along with the tweet, Cassidy included two photos with text that read, “When I think of men, so many questions come to mind. Questions like, why?” 

Cassidy Timbrooks' Instagram story
Pic credit: @cassidytimbrooks/Instagram

Cassidy Timbrooks teases Clayton Echard for falling in love with several women 

Ever since being abruptly sent home and having her rose taken away, Cassidy has been outspoken about her experience on the show. She has also clapped back at several vitriolic comments from her haters after becoming one of The Bachelor’s villains. 

Sharing a photo from behind the scenes at the Women Tell All, Cassidy teased Clayton in her caption. 

Cassidy wrote, “at this point I’m offended Clayton hasn’t said he’s in love with me.” 

During the Women Tell All, Cassidy found herself under fire as she defended having a friend with benefits back home. 

While some women from the cast disapproved, Cassidy was unapologetic and appeared to have no regrets from being on The Bachelor, and the Women Tell All.

Cassidy shared a photo with women from The Bachelor Season 26 cast and Jesse Palmer at the Women Tell All. 

Cassidy captioned the post, “such a crazy experience. I’m so glad I got the chance to be a part of this EXPLOSIVE women tell all.”

Showing love for host Jesse Palmer, Cassidy added, “Oh and [Jesse Palmer] – you crushed it. You wouldn’t even know it was your first time.” 

The Bachelor finale airs Tuesday, March 15 at 8/7c on ABC. 

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