Cashay Proudfoot poses for mirror selfie to sell underwear

Cashay Proudfoot
Cashay Proudfoot looked stunning in her selfie. Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cashay Proudfoot rocked a revealing two-piece as she promoted an underwear range.

The Love Island USA star is a clothes fanatic and also loves to post pics in outfits that show off her amazing figure.

She regularly uploads glamorous and daring snaps as well as examples of her workout routine and diet tips which help to keep her in such great shape. So there’s no doubt Cashay loves fitness and fashion.

This post combined both as she donned a sports bra and skimpy bottoms to promote the brand Formfit.

Posting the mirror selfie to her Instagram Stories, Cashay posed in the revealing outfit, which perfectly showcased her athletic physique.

Her top had a plunging neckline which showed off her curves, while the snap also captured her incredible abs. Cashay’s superbly toned legs were also visible.

Cashay Proudfoot mirror selfie
Pic credit: @cashayproudfoot/Instagram

Cashay Proudfoot’s love for sports

Cashay seemed to be going without make-up for the shot, and she wore her long dyed red hair down over her shoulders, all adding up to a distinctly Amazonian image that emphasized her sporting credentials.

Text on the pic told Cashay’s 361k Instagram followers, “I live in these @_formfit sets.” Another caption at the bottom of the pic added cheekily, “If they come out with pink or red sets, it’s over for y’all.”

Cashay first came to our attention in Season 3 of Love Island USA and dated co-star Cinco Holland Jr. The pair then competed together on the more physical test of The Challenge: USA despite breaking up beforehand.

The pair made it through several episodes of the show but spoke later about how they had struggled as a pair and with fellow contestants.

Cinco claimed Cashay had hindered him on the series, claiming she made it difficult to bond with other contestants.

Asked about his difficulties, Cinco said, “I feel like the main way she kinda hindered me was the social game. I couldn’t really talk to anybody.”

Cashay Proudfoot’s dislike for The Challenge rival

Cashay, meanwhile, had major issues with fellow castmate Tiffany Mitchell.

The reality star revealed that, despite people thinking she had resented Tiffany flirting with Cinco, it was more to do with her seeming to be a friend at first but then turning on her.

Cashay also said that she had been angry to see Tiffany had been placed next to her and Cinco in The Challenge: USA’s compound.

She revealed, “I said, ‘Respectfully, if they’re about to have another triangle or try to produce another triangle on this show, I’m not having it.”