Carly Waddell is ready to date again after Evan Bass split

Carly Waddell
Carly Waddell is ready to date. Pic credit: ABC

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass met on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. While they had a rocky start, and Carly wasn’t much into Evan for a bit, they ended up falling in love.

The couple got engaged during the finale that season and got married the following summer in June of 2017.

The duo was married for three years before announcing their split back in December of 2020, despite having two young children together, Isabella and Charlie.

Recently Carly revealed that she is ready to get back out there and date, almost one and a half years after she and Evan called it quits.

Carly Waddell reveals that she is ready to date again

In a Hollywood Life interview, Carly declared, “When everything first went down, I was in a way different place than I am right now … I was at the bottom and now I feel like I’ve risen.”

Carly went on to state, “I feel like I’ve found myself again. I’m doing things for myself again. 2022, I’m putting myself out there this year. I’m putting out music this year. I’m going to start dating again. I’m gonna maybe get some extensions again. I’m getting back in the game!”

She also talked about how she is a firm believer that time really does help heal pain and the past. Carly discussed how, as time goes on, you feel less sad, and things get easier day by day, month by month, and year by year.

Carly wants women to come together and support each other

Carly also talked about how mothers tend to immerse themselves in their kids, with or without a spouse. She has come to realize that she has to be her own person as well and gain her happiness as an individual.

She claimed, “Honestly, you kind of forget that life isn’t just about your kids. I feel like my advice is … it’s going to be okay. It gets easier every single day and it’s really going to be okay. It really is.”

As a social media influencer and public figure, Carly feels like it’s also her duty and responsibility to help other women, support them, and be there for them.

Carly and one of her best friends and BIP alum, Jade Roper, have partnered with Poise (support for women who have leaky bladders). She and Jade want other women to know that it is okay to talk about these kinds of topics.

Both Jade and Carly are open with their fans and offer support to them while also answering their questions. Carly even stated, “I think I just really like being real, I like being honest. It makes me feel, honestly, just better as a human. I feel like people relate to you so much more.”

Carly stated that as moms and women, we all should be supporting one another because “We’re all in this together.”

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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