Captain Sean Meagher dishes Below Deck Season 9 stint, talks stepping in for Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Sean dishes Below Deck and reveals his OG alum connection.
Captain Sean has a friend in a Below Deck alum who he chatted with about the show. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Sean Meagher has dished his Below Deck Season 9 stint, including what it was like to step in for Captain Lee Rosbach.

Below Deck fans were shocked when the Season 9 trailer dropped, revealing Captain Lee is MIA for a little while. Captain Sean was there to help launch the season, adding a whole new layer to the hit Bravo yachting show.

Captain Sean Meagher dishes Below Deck Season 9 stint

The new captain stopped by the Gangplank Report podcast, hosted by Below Deck alum Adrienne Gang and blogger Jen Bennington. It turns out that Adrienne and Captain Sean are friends.

Adrienne revealed the two met at The Newport Charter show 10 years ago. Now, they both have the experience of appearing on Below Deck in common.

Speaking of the Bravo show, Captain Sean revealed how he ended up on Season 9.

“How this happened is, I happened to deliver My Seanna on down to St. Kitts for Below Deck. And through just kind of a lot of coincidence and pandemic stuff, I wound up staying in St. Kitts. Lee was delayed, so I was then asked to step in and be the relief captain onboard My Seanna. I have to admit I had a lot of fun doing it.” Captain Sean expressed.

Below Deck is quite different from when Adrienne appeared on it during Season 1. Adrienne acknowledged the show had come a long way, and the production has worked out the kinks since then.

The captain shared he had nothing to compare it to and gave props to the production team.

“I have no frame of reference other than everybody on the production staff was respectful to the boat, respectful to us and that it truly was. I was given no direction or anything. They just said do what you do, so I did what I did,” he stated.

Captain Sean shared that he used to joke Below Deck was “where the crew goes to destroy their careers, and captains go to die.” It was not a fair assessment, though, since he never watched the show.

“And that actually wasn’t fair because I still have never seen the show. I did that on purpose because I didn’t want to go into it with any preconceived notions, nor do I like to second guess myself. I wanted to go in and do what I normally do and hopefully change some opinions about our own industry,” the captain explained.

What did Captain Sean say about stepping in for Captain Lee?

The number one question Below Deck fans will have for Captain Sean is, of course, what was it like replacing Captain Lee, the stud of the sea.

“I kind of thought it back to, it’s like when David Letterman was asked the question. What was it like to replace Johnny Carson and he goes, ‘well, nobody can replace Johnny Carson.’ Nobody can replace Lee. He’s a big part of the reason why the show is successful as it is,” Captain Sean stated.

His goal on the show and in life is not to emulate anyone but to be a better version of himself continually. As for what Below Deck fans can expect from his time on the show, Captain Sean tease people just have to watch.

Captain Sean Meagher enjoyed his time on Below Deck Season 9 so much that he would return to the show. After all, he was just getting warmed up when Captain Lee Rosbach returned.

The captain will undoubtedly bring a different dynamic to the show, but it sounds like he will be pretty entertaining.

Below Deck Season 9 premieres Monday, October 25 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Melissa Zuluaga
Melissa Zuluaga
2 years ago

He sounds FUN!!!