Captain Lee Rosbach weighs in on Below Deck return rumors

Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck Season 10
Captain Lee has addressed the rumor mill buzzing about him. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck rumor mill has been buzzing again that Captain Lee Rosbach will return for Season 12.

This comes as Season 11 of Below Deck moves right along with Captain Kerry Titheradge at the helm.

Despite the fact that Below Deck fans are growing very fond of Captain Kerry on the OG show, there’s still speculation that Captain Lee will return.

To be honest, the rumors are always going to be swirling that Captain Lee will come back no matter how long he’s off the show.

Look at Kate Chastain, the rumors she will return to Below Deck are constantly running wild despite her continuing to shut them down.

In true Captain Lee fashion, though, he has addressed the speculation head on with his witty one-liners.

Captain Lee Rosbach weighs in on Below Deck return rumors 

The stud of the sea remains active on X (formerly Twitter), where he enjoys interacting with his fans. This week, Captain Lee was asked why he left Below Deck.

We all know it wasn’t Captain Lee’s choice to leave and that the powers that be didn’t ask him back for Season 11. The captain reiterated that truth in his response.

“Wasn’t my call,” he wrote.

Captain Lee BD return response
Pic credit: @capthlr/X

In February, Captain Lee was point-blank asked if he would ever come back to the hit yachting shows, something he has admitted to being open to in the past.

“Who knows.” the captain replied.

Captain Lee reacts to Below Deck rumors
Pic credit: @capthlr/X

No matter how much Below Deck fans want Captain Lee back on the show odds are it won’t happen any time soon.

Aside from Captain Kerry making the show his own, Captain Lee has a new gig, Deadly Waters, coming out this year on Oxygen.

Plus, reality TV fans have high hopes he will be another hit show early next year.

Captain Lee Rosbach responds to fans’ request for him to be on The Traitors Seasons 3

The Traitors has become a massive hit over the past two seasons. Kate played a pivotal part in both seasons, earning her gamer status as a Survivor legend.

Many Below Deck fans think Captain Lee should be the next alum to appear on the next season of The Traitors.

One X user brought up The Traitors Season 3, wondering if it was something Captain Lee would consider doing.

“Never say never,” Captain Lee teased.

Captain Lee The Traitors response
Pic credit: @capthlr/X

It wasn’t the first time the captain took time to react to his name being thrown around for The Traitors Season 3. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Lee was all about spending time in the castle.

Captain Lee Rosbach has weighed in on Below Deck return rumors. Speculation has mounted, especially now that Below Deck fans are convinced another spin-off show is in the works.

Would you want Captain Lee back on Below Deck, even if it’s a spin-off?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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