Captain Lee Rosbach teases Below Deck future

Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck Season 10
Captain Lee Rosbach hints at Season 11 exit rumors. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has teased his future on Below Deck as he makes his on-screen return in Season 10 of the hit yachting show.

Season 10 was filled with firsts, that’s for sure.

The stud of the sea exited the season due to health issues, with Captain Sandy Yawn stepping in to take over for him.

Captain Lee returned to finish out the last couple of charters as Season 10 begins to wind down.

Amid all the on-screen drama, the rumor mill was buzzing off-screen that Captain Lee was not asked to return for Season 11, with Captain Kerry Titheradge from Below Deck Adventure replacing the beloved captain.

Neither of them has weighed in on the hot topic, but Captain Lee has given a little hint at how he feels about the rumors.

Captain Lee Rosbach teases his future on Below Deck

Taking to Twitter this week to live tweet Below Deck, Captain Lee responded to several fan comments and questions.

One of those comments was a fan remarking it was nice to have the captain back since it was his final season.

It turns out things may not be as they seem, at least not in Captain Lee’s eyes.

“Thanks so much, but never say never. One never knows what the future may hold,” Captain Lee replied to the Twitter user.

Captain Lee teases BD future
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

The comments section of the tweet didn’t give any further insight from Captain Lee. Unfortunately for Below Deck fans, the truth will only come out if Captain Lee spills the beans after Season 10 ends or when the trailer for Season 11 drops later this year.

Captain Lee Rosbach shares a message to Below Deck fans after his on-screen return

There’s been no shortage of outpouring of love and support for Captain Lee as he appeared back on the small screen. All of that love hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Below Deck OG captain.

To prove that, Captain Lee ended his live Twitter session the other night with a message to his fans.

“Ok, I don’t know what to say. I am very humbled by the warm welcome back. I will do my best not to disappoint any of you or my crew. Same drill, gym in the am, and to any of you I may have missed, I will catch you on the flip side. Thanks again to everyone for being so kind,” he tweeted.

Captain Lee message to fans
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Captain Lee Rosbach has nothing but love for Below Deck and the fans. As the current season comes to a close soon, his future on the hit yachting series remains uncertain.

Will you watch Below Deck without Captain Lee?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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Marlaine Sciarrillo
Marlaine Sciarrillo
21 days ago

I watch because of Captain Lee

20 days ago

Will you watch Below Deck without Captain Lee? Nope, Captain Kerry and BD Adventure was Boring. No need to watch anymore.

Linda Davis
Linda Davis
20 days ago

I will always watch any of the BD’s, I enjoy them All. I would be sad to see CAPT Lee not return. I don’t care for CAPT Kerry, but like alot Capts Sandy, Jason also Glenn.

Leah ugh
Leah ugh
20 days ago

I like Captain Lee very much, but HATE how much he says GD. I’d rather hear his other country “Leeisms”.

19 days ago

Wouldn’t be the same, or have the same chemistry without Captain Lee

Heidi Amison
Heidi Amison
17 days ago

Was so nice to have captain Lee return ,he was missed ..welcome back !! Glad that you are feeling better