Captain Lee Rosbach calls out Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott: ‘She thinks I’m too old to do my job’

Captain Lee on Below Deck Season 10 and Aesha on Below Deck Down Under Season 2
Captain Lee has an issue with Below Deck Down Under’s Aesha. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach isn’t happy with Below Deck Down Under chief stew Aesha Scott, and he’s not holding back his feelings about her.

It’s no secret that Aesha’s friends with Captain Sandy Yawn after working with her on Below Deck Med.

This year, when Captain Sandy took over for Captain Lee on Below Deck, Aesha supported her friend on the podcast Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef.

However, by so, Aesha had some things to say about Captain Lee that he found quite insulting.

Now, Captain Lee has come out to express his frustration with Aesha.

The captain also wants to have to chat with the chief stew himself.

Captain Lee Rosbach sounds off on Below Deck Down Under star Aesha Scott

On his podcast, Salty with Captain Lee, he brought up Aesha’s interview, admitting he has a bone to pick with the chief stew. Captain Lee read the article with his co-host, Sam DeCavalcanti, as they discussed that Aesha has quite an opinion about him.

“She thinks I’m too old to do my job,” Captain Lee expressed.

The stud of the sea went on to reveal that Aesha talked about Captain Sandy having to come in and take over for him during Season 10 of Below Deck.

“She explained why I shouldn’t return to Below Deck because what does she say here? ‘We haven’t had a crossover like that before, and it was such an epic twist.’ She kind of felt bad for me in a way because she was like, this is gonna kill me because I’m such an old school salty sea dog,” he stated.

Captain Lee spilled that Aesha felt having Captain Sandy, a younger woman, come in for him would crush the stud of the sea. That’s something Captain Lee rebutted before sharing that he was crushed because a health issue forced him to leave, not because of who took over for him.

“And then she says, ‘part of me is like he shouldn’t have even started to come back for this season anyway because he does have a lot of trouble walking. And he’s getting old. And I feel like it’s better than to leave on a high than clawing on,'” Captain Lee spilled on his podcast, referring to Aesha’s interview.

The stud of the sea shared that he and Aesha have never met, but he wants to change that.

Below Deck alum Captain Lee Rosbach extends an invitation to Aesha Scott

After explaining how Aesha doesn’t know him, Captain Lee says he would pay for her to hang with him for a day.

“I have never had a conversation. We’ve never met. I would love to have a conversation with her, and if she were somewhere in the continental United States, I would say here, I’ll give you a first-class plane ticket,” he shared. “I will put you up when you get here, and you and I will spend a day together. We’ll go do my two hours at the gym in the morning.

Sam brought up the idea of having Aesha on the podcast, something Captain Lee agreed with but also wants it to be more.

The captain wants to hang with her because he has mad respect for her after how Aesha handled the situation with Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne on Below Deck Down Under.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Lee revealed he wouldn’t have been as calm as Captain Jason Chambers or Aesha but also admitted they did a great job with the situation.

Stay tuned Below Deck fans, because Captain Lee Rosbach has an issue with Below Deck Down Under fan favorite Aesha Scott. Captain Lee wants her on his podcast and to spend a day with her, so let’s see if that happens.

They will both be at BravoCon this year. Perhaps they will squash their beef at the three-day fan event.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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