Captain Kerry celebrates Below Deck Season 11 finale with Chef Anthony Iracane, Barbie Pascual, Camille Lamb, and more

Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck Season 11
Captain Kerry ended Below Deck Season 11 in style. Pic credit: Bravo

It’s been over a week since Below Deck Season 11 wrapped, but Captain Kerry Titheradge keeps giving fans something to talk about.

Captain Kerry ended his first season on the OG show with a party filled with familiar faces and fun.

There were even some Below Deck alum in attendance that fans never expected to see hanging with the captain.

Chef Anthony Iracane was there even after Captain Kerry fired him on the hit-yachting show.

Below Deck alum Camille Lamb also made the cut, which honestly speaks volumes considering Captain Kerry’s feud with her ex-Ben Willoughby.

Let’s see who else showed up to celebrate the Below Deck Season 11 finale alongside him.

Captain Kerry celebrates Below Deck finale with Chef Anthony Iracane, Barbie Pascual Camile Lamb, and more

In an Instagram video, Captain Kerry gave his followers a tour of the watch party he hosted at Flanagans in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Below Deck charter guest Alex P. Taylor, followed by Camille, sharing a message to those not at the event.

Xandi Oliver pops up next on the screen. Yes, she was at the watch party, as was Barbie Pascual. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, they revealed during the event where they stand today after the explosive finale.

Below Deck Med Season 9 star Ellie Dubaich participated in the festivities. Ellie is a huge Captain Kerry fan, and the feeling seemed mutual, as he gave her show a big shout-out.

Barbie also showed her love for the captain, who she declared “saved me the whole season.” The stew also apologized to fans for how she left the show.

For his part, Captain Kerry revealed he was very impressed with Barbie, sharing, “She did an amazing job.”

Che Anthony joined in the fun, making it clear there were no hard feelings between him and Captain Kerry. In fact, they are both eager and ready to work together again.

There were also glimpses of Below Deck Med alum Chef Dave White and Below Deck’s Katie Glaser.

The end of Season 11 means a lot of news coming out especially when it comes to feuds.

More Below Deck Season 11 news

Captain Kerry isn’t backing down from his feud with Ben either, admitting the bosun was the “biggest disappointment” of the season.

Meanwhile, Ben keeps coming for Captain Kerry, even insisting he didn’t treat people on the show very well. Ben also called the captain “jealous” of him and taking aim at Barbie.

We also have an update on Below Deck Season 12, which we know Captain Kerry and Fraser Olender are back for.

In other Below Deck news, Captain Lee Rosbach has been promoting his new show Deadly Waters while also admitting what he misses about his former show. You can read all about that here.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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