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Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott dish Below Deck Down Under crew

Aesha and Captain Jason spill the tea on the Season 1 crew on Below Deck Down Under.
Aesha and Captain Jason don’t hold back when talking about their Below Deck Down Under colleagues. Pic credit: Bravo.

Below Deck Down Under stars Captain Jason Chambers and Aesha Scott are dishing their M/Y Thalassa crew members, spilling some interesting tea about all of them.

Season 1 of the newest Below Deck spin-off is in full swing. The show has aired five episodes, and fans have shared their thoughts on Below Deck Down Under.

Now Aesha and Captain Jason are giving their honest opinion of their colleagues.

What did Captain Jason and Aesha say about the interior crew?

In an interview with Us Weekly, the captain and the chief stew were asked to spill some secrets about the rest of the cast.

Aesha and Captain Jason recently addressed their issues with working with chef Ryan McKeown. It’s no surprise they both found him full of attitude and arrogance.

The chief stew got the chance to gush over her captain a bit. Aesha’s a huge fan of Captain Jason, gushing over how he’s so fun and lovable. This isn’t the first time Aesha raved about the captain. She recently revealed why she prefers Captain Jason’s management style over Captain Sandy Yawn’s.

Another crew member that Aesha raved about was second stew Tumi Mhlongo.

“Love, love, love Tumi. She’s just like, um, she’s so talented and she, she’s one of those people, she will not let you disrespect her. You know she’s lovely, but she has her line, and I so respect that about her,” the chief stew expressed.

As for third stew Magda Ziomek, Aesha had a much different perspective on her third stew than her second.

“Magda’s like this polish sass queen, you know very into her looks, very into modeling. But ya know, she knows how to have a great time too,” Aesha said.

Captain Jason referred to Magda as a “pleasant, lovely person with a good heart.”

What do Aesha and Captain Jason think of the deck team?

There’s no question that Captain Jason has had some issues with the deck team on Below Deck Down Under. He had to give them a get-it-together talk because things were such a cluster on deck.

Aesha admitted that she struggled to get to know Jamie because he had walls up and was always guarded. Captain Jason didn’t say anything about Jamie, but he was all too happy to dish Culver Bradbury.

“What an entertainer that guy is. He’s got a bag of tricks, that guy. I am sure he’s got a van parked in the car park and just goes and gets off all these props and comes back. He is funny,” the captain shared.

Brittini Burton also earned praise from Aesha for her desire to prove herself as a woman on deck. Captain Jason gave Brittini props for her work ethic too. They both declared she has a great heart.

Deckhand Benny Crawley didn’t have the easier start to Below Deck Down Under. However, Aesha spilled that despite his little kid behavior at times, Benny is an “absolute sweetheart.”

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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