Can Michaela and Zack rebuild after ‘Hurricane K’ blows through?

MAFS Michaela glows in her wedding gown
MAFS Michaela glows at her new husband Zack. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight’s Michaela and Zack may have started as a fan favorite, but Michaela’s recent tornado of emotions, now have fans and experts wondering, if the couple will be able to overcome all the damage.

Can Zack and Michaela rebuild their relationship?

Michaela and Zack have had more drama so far, than any of the other two couples combined. From honeymoon Covid tests to Michaela moving out, the two have definitely had their vows tested in a big way.

Michaela and Zack started off their honeymoon with a surprise positive Covid test for Zack. Not exactly the best way to start out a honeymoon, or a new marriage. Especially when the new bride is a little less than blushing over the news. Michaela was angry that Zack did not want to be around her, even though Zack explained he was only trying to prevent her from getting the virus too.

Finally, Michaela seemed to understand but decided to fly back to Houston as opposed to staying on the honeymoon, causing confusion among fans and her costars alike. In fact, fans took to social media, bashing Michaela for her reaction to the news of Zack having Covid, feeling that she wasn’t being supportive and should have at least stayed on the honeymoon.

But the couple did continue to communicate via Facetime and phone calls and the couple shared a joyous post-honeymoon reunion at their new apartment in Houston.

The joy of the reunion was short-lived, however, as Hurricane K, Michaela’s alter ego for when she gets angry, made an appearance in less than twenty-four hours after the couple reunited.

Hurricane K blows through the Houston apartment

On the couple’s first night in their shared apartment in Houston, things took a turn for the worst. Apparently, Zack fell asleep in the guest room as he struggled to get his dog Bella, settled and asleep for the night. The following morning he left early to take the pup to the doggy daycare, apparently not letting Michaela know where he was.

By the time Zack had returned from dropping the dog off, Michaela had already moved out! The couple’s apartment camera showed Michaela being so angry she slammed a container of sanitizing wipes against the table, packed her things, and left.

She returned later that day for the couple’s Pastor Cal meeting, in which the two dove deep into why Michaela had such an intense reaction to not knowing where Zack was. The session ended in a tearful Michaela explaining that it had triggered emotions of losing her father. While many fans felt some compassion for Michaela, including Season 12’s Clara Oubre, Zack had his own message about Michaela’s behavior. Zack felt that regardless of the motivation, the behavior was simply not justified and he had no problem sharing that viewpoint on social media, following the airing of the episode. Many fans are now wondering if Zack’s message is a clue to how the couple ended up.

Could it mean the couple has since gone their separate ways? Will the couple be able to rebuild after so many fights so early on?

Fans and the experts alike are on the edge of their seats to see what next week’s episode will bring, in the unfolding saga of Michaela and Zack Freeman.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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