Camille Grammer calls out Kyle Richards for being mean, says Bravo plays favorites    

Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards on the RHOBH
Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards argue on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Pic credit: Bravo

Camille Grammer has called out Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards on Twitter for being mean. The 52-year-old also called out Bravo for playing favorites with the show’s cast. 

The former RHOBH star shared a clip on Twitter from more than a year ago which showed Kyle responding to a comment made by Faye Resnick with a caption that reads, “Yes, this is the clip. It’s mean and hurtful.”  

The clip in question shows Kyle telling Faye that Camille’s house burned down. Camille’s house burned down in 2018 during the Woosley Fire.  

Faye responded that Camille is probably going to come out of the situation being a “much nicer girl.”

Kyle said, “Yeah, maybe.” 

The clip was from an RHOBH preview, but the footage from the preview ended up being edited out by the time the show aired – which Camille found disappointing. Camille has said that she was always portrayed as the villain on the show. 

Camille responded to a Twitter follower last year who commented that if the tables were turned and had Camille said something similar, Kyle would cry about it all season.  

I agree. It’s a different set of rules. Different standards unfortunately,” she wrote. “She would be mortified if anyone said that about her after something so devastating as losing your home to a fire.”

Why Camille is calling out Kyle and Bravo now is uncertain, although Kyle recently accused Camille of befriending anyone who can help her return to the show

Is Camille the real mean girl? 

Camille has been accused by fans of being a mean girl herself, due to her behavior on the show. During the RHOBH Season 1 reunion, Andy Cohen told Camille that fans aggressively disliked her.

Fans have seen Camille’s not-so-nice side over the years. She tried to humiliate Faye Resnick at a dinner party by announcing that Faye once posed for Playboy. They’ve also seen Camille blurt out at a dinner table that Dorit and Paul Kemsley were broke.

Andy said that fans used words such as conniving, cruel, delusional, and narcissistic to describe Camille. She was also described as catty, manipulative, and passive-aggressive.  

Kyle Richards also told Camille that she was a mean girl on Twitter after Camille said former RHOBH star Teddi Mellencamp’s business was suspicious. Kyle told Camille it was time to move on and get a life.  

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus at Bravo.  

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