Cam from The Bachelorette’s Instagram: Chicken nugget-gate doesn’t get a mention

Cam nuggets
Cam is desperate for Hannah’s attention. Pic credit: ABC

Cam appears to be living in his own world on The Bachelorette. Cam, who follows his ABCs — Always Be Cam — is desperate to be with Hannah B at all times.

This included crashing a group date and stealing time away from Kevin during the final cocktail party during Episode 2.

While the guys appeared a bit frazzled by his determination, Cam didn’t seem to care. He said he will do whatever it takes to be in front of her. Now, fans want to know if Cam is truly the same kind of guy on Instagram, determined and obsessed with Hannah.

Well, we have found him. Cam’s Instagram handle is @camronayala. He’s currently clocking in at 11.7K followers. His bio lists him as being in Austin, Texas and has The Bachelorette mentioned.

On his Instagram, he posts a few pictures once in a while but he isn’t a very active poster. Just a few rows down you’ll find a lengthy post that he shared in late 2018 about his health, where he revealed he had been diagnosed with Lymphedema.

But one thing Cam hasn’t discussed on his Instagram account is the nugget-gate. During Episode 2, he interrupted Kevin’s alone time with Hannah B and served chicken nuggets.

Not a big surprise, but Kevin got mad about it. He hid some nuggets in his pocket and later threw them at Cam in anger, saying he was angry with him.

During the end of the episode, Cam decided to have a toast, where he called Hannah the future Mrs. Ayala. The guys chose not to toast to that.

Viewers aren’t exactly pleased with him, hinting that it was time for him to go. But Hannah gave him a rose at the end, which means viewers will have to see Always-Be-Cam next Monday night.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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