Caitlyn Jenner reveals how Kris Jenner built the Kardashian ‘dynasty’

Kris Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner is opening up about Kris Jenner building the Kardashian empire. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Caitlyn Jenner isn’t holding back when it comes to spilling deets about her ex, Kris Jenner.

Apparently, Caitlyn knows a lot about how the Kardashian-Jenner clan came to Fame, and it’s mostly through Kris’s thirst for wealth — err, we mean, hard work.

Caitlyn does attribute Kris’s thirst for wealth and wish for stardom to the family’s success, though.

In the Sky documentary House Of Kardashian, Caitlyn opened up about her ex and explained just how Kris was able to skyrocket her family into fame.

In the three-parter beginning this weekend, she reveals, “Kris started with absolutely nothing, and today she has a multibillion-dollar business. She built the dynasty.

“Kris liked being in control of everything, as in the celebrity world everybody tries to control their own narrative, and Kris knew how to play the game.”

Caitlyn Jenner says no one has played the fame game better than Kris Jenner

She continued about her ex, noting, “In fact, nobody has done it better than she has.”

“She didn’t know the business world, the numbers side, but she enjoyed the social side,” Caitlyn added. “She would have meetings with people and wine them and dine them and say all the right things.”

“So we were doing well, and she controlled the finances, 100 percent. We did a job, I got paid and then the money was gone and I never saw it again,” Caitlyn stated.

“She loved the money.”

Kris Jenner took control of finances during marriage to Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn added that Kris controlled the finances from the very beginning and made things work.

Being the manager of all of her kids, it’s safe to say that Kris has developed a sense of business savvy to get her way.

When they got married, Caitlyn said, “I wasn’t broke, but it’s not like I had millions of dollars in the bank, and Kris was the same, her work was the house and the kids. She struggled, so we needed to do something quickly.”

“I had a manager named George that I’d had for 17 years, and Kris came in. She took over the meeting and said, ‘Hey George, you’re fired.’ I was willing to take a risk and see what she could do,” she continued.

“We were able to put together a real strong team. Me walking in the door and her taking care of the business, and then we were doing very well.”

Caitlyn admitted that she never had a clue what was in the bank, but she always had “a couple of little toys” such as a car or an airplane to keep her occupied, “so the relationship worked very well that way.”

It was only a matter of time before Kris made Kim’s dreams of fame come true, and the rest is or will be history.

“Could any family do what our family has done? No. Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, Khloe, Kim, and Kris, they are like a team. They are a team to be reckoned with.”

The Kardashians airs new episodes every Thursday on Hulu.

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