Caelynn Miller-Keyes works up a sweat in candy pink active wear

Caelynn Miller-Keyes close up
Caelynn Miller-Keyes showed off her gym moves in candy pink activewear. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Caelynn Miller-Keyes is out here living that adventurous van life with her fiance Dean Unglert, showing off pictures of her incredible athletic skills while hiking, rock climbing, and doing other daredevil activities.

The avid travelers are frequently seen on Instagram standing on cliffs, skiing on snowy mountains, and swimming in tropical waters, proving their love knows no bounds.

Therefore, the former Bachelor star needs to keep up with her fitness, and she did just that this week as she got her sweat on while working out at a gym that was full of Alo Yoga logos.

Caelynn was seen in cotton candy pink spandex leggings with a matching, long-sleeved, low-cut top as she pushed a sled. She appeared to be working up quite a sweat as she engaged in the difficult workout with an intense look on her face.

Her brunette hair, which appeared darker than she usually has it, was pulled out of her face into a low ponytail, and she looked makeup free for the gym session.

Though she didn’t tag her location, Caelynn is currently living with Dean in Las Vegas, where they purchased a home together not long ago.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes in pink activewear while working out at the gym
Pic credit: @caelynnmillerkeyes/Instagram

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert got engaged after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise

Caelynn and Dean got engaged in October of last year after the former Bachelorette star took her on an 11-mile hike that apparently left her in tears.

The pair was hiking in Hawaii, which on the surface, sounds incredibly romantic. However, it certainly took a toll on the former Bachelor in Paradise star.

During the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast, Dean revealed some intimate details about the big engagement, saying, “Caelynn was very angry at me for taking her there. She asked if we could turn around 55 times… She was crying. She was angry. She was cursing at me.”

He later joked that it was pretty funny to make someone cry on the same day you plan on proposing to them, but then Dean and Caelynn have never been a particularly conventional couple.

There were some hints that the pair would get engaged soon, however, with Caelynn dropping a major hint on her Instagram Stories. In June, Dean had told the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast that if Caelynn bought him a truck, he would buy her a ring.

Suddenly, in August, Caelynn posted on her Instagram Stories that she was at the Toyota dealership, writing, “I spent the afternoon at Toyota picking up something special for Dean.”

Caelynn is a Fabletics ambassador

Along with several other influencers, Caelynn has been an ambassador for Fabletics for some time now.

In July of last year, she shared her morning routine, which started with her waking up, making her bed, and drinking green juice first thing in the morning before hitting the gym.

After arriving home, she threw on a sage green patterned bikini from the brand along with beige sweatpants before going to work on her laptop. From there, she was seen applying sun lotion at the pool.