Brock Davies says he respects Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent more now that she’s ‘left the money’

VPR star Brock Davies.
Brock Davies has more respect for his Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent since she split from Randall Emmett. Pic credit: Bravo

Brock Davies says he’s gained much more respect for his Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent in recent months.

Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules was a rough ride for Brock and Lala’s potential friendship. She was already on the rocks with Brock’s now-fiancee Scheana Shay, and once Lala brought her concerns about Brock’s character to the table, all bets were off.

By the end of the season, Brock and Lala hadn’t squashed their feud, and by that time all of Lala’s own relationship woes, particularly her split from Randall Emmett, were playing out on the internet for the world to see – which Brock took full advantage of during the reunion special which aired back in December 2021.

Reflecting on that tough time, Brock now says he’s had a change of heart towards Lala and can appreciate all the hard work she’s putting into her life.

Brock Davies says he’s developed more respect for Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent since her split from Randall Emmett

While appearing on the Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast, Brock shared that despite their rocky history in the show’s last season, he admires Lala for making strides in her life without the help of Randall and his money.

“Lala, honestly, what she has done now, I respect her so much more because, before that, it wasn’t the fact that I had respect for that situation of who Lala was, now looking at what she’s been doing, she’s left the money and she’s doing it herself, I respect that more,” he said.

He continued to state that if he were given the opportunity, he would reframe the situation in a more positive light.

“And 100 percent if I had that light right now, I would reframe to that and be like, look I get where you are coming from, I’ll listen to your advice, but then I didn’t want to listen to your advice,” Brock added.

Brock expresses his initial frustration with Lala exposing his difficult romantic history

Although he was initially frustrated by the exposure of his past indiscretions, including the revelation that he had once slapped his ex-wife, Brock shared that ultimately it was for the best because bringing his past to light helped to hold him accountable for his actions.

He also clarified his regret in how he shaded Lala during the Season 9 reunion, especially now that Scheana and Lala are attempting to rekindle their friendship.

“I acted like a 12-year-old and I went at her on the reunion, it didn’t age well. But I was hurt, I think since then we’ve had some time down and the girls are working on their relationship with the kids and all that,” he said.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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