Brittan Byrd shares powerful lessons learned in 2022

Brittan Byrd gazes into the camera.
Brittan Byrd stunned in a little black bikini. Pic credit: @brittan_byrd/Instagram

Brittan Byrd showed off her fit physique in a teeny black bikini to reflect on her year.

Brittan was a contestant on Season 4 of Too Hot to Handle, where she stole the hearts of many fans. She ended the show dating James Pendergrass, and though they took a brief break after the show, they are seemingly back together.

Their time on the show earned both of them even more fans on social media, and Brittan is now up to 432,000 followers on Instagram. Her followers loved her latest bikini post, which earned over 100,000 likes.

The tiny bikini accentuated her amazing curves and her toned figure. Her skin glowed and her complexion was radiant.

Brittan let her glorious blonde hair flow in little rippling waves, all the way to her hips. She looked like a Greek goddess as she stood with her back to the camera and her arms above her head.

The reality TV star’s atmosphere was almost as breathtaking as she was. She was surrounded by water and gray rocks that towered above her, with a waterfall cascading down in the background.

Brittan included some other amazing photos in the post, including other stunning shots in gorgeous environments and time with her friends. The last pic showed her dancing with James as she stared into his eyes.

The model posted the images to Instagram and included a list of some powerful lessons she learned in 2022.

The wisdom she gained throughout 2022 included not waiting for life to pass her by, standing up for what she believes in, and working to make her future self proud. She included in the heartfelt caption, “may 2023 be filled with grounding, gratitude, and beauty for us all.”

Brittan Byrd and Jawahir Khalifa are a dazzling duo

Brittan gained a meaningful romantic connection with James during her time on Too Hot to Handle, but she also made meaningful friendships. Brittan and one of the winners of the season, Jawahir Khalifa, have hit it off and their friendship is blossoming.

The blonde bombshell posted a couple of mirror selfies with the two looking absolutely radiant. Brittan sported a little pink outfit with a light pink fluffy coat tossed fashionably over it, and Jawahir wore an all-black outfit with a turtleneck and a fluffy black coat.

The pair had beautiful hair and makeup as usual, and together they both seemed to shine even brighter.

Brittan captioned her post, “the angels of @toohotnetflix have arrived.” It earned over 170,000 likes and was flooded with hundreds of comments.

Brittan Byrd modeled for the cover of Modern Luxury Magazine

Brittan has risen to fame and will certainly be sought out by major brands moving forward. But she had already made a name in modeling and was on the cover of Modern Luxury Magazine.

The star looked incredible in a flowy white dress in the middle of a lush, mountainous region in Hawaii. Her blonde hair whisked perfectly in the wind and her makeup was soft and glowy.

Brittan included in her caption, “i’m so grateful to have worked with @ijfkephoto & @hrobertupton this year on the cover’s of Modern Luxury & Zephyr Magazine ? all shot from here at home, in hawai’i.”

Brittan’s world has opened up even more, and it will be exciting to see what she gets up to next.

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