Britney Spears rejects Tyra Banks’ Dancing With the Stars invitation

Britney Spears rejected DWTS appearance
Britney Spears rejected a DWTS appearance. Pic credit: StarMaxWorldwide/©ImageCollect

This week was Britney Spears night on Dancing With the Stars, and executive producer Tyra Banks tried to bring something special to the fans.

Banks tried to get Spears to make a cameo on DWTS on the night the show honored her.

Britney rejected the offer.

Britney Spears rejects offer to appear on Dancing With the Stars

Tyra Banks did everything she could to get Britney Spears to appear on Dancing With the Stars.

Nothing worked.

“Tyra Banks worked overtime to get Britney on the show,” a source told Radar.

“You have to remember that Tyra isn’t just the host, she is also the show’s very hands-on Executive Producer, who is not above hitting the phones to get what she wants,” the source said.

“Tyra tried everything to get Britney to make a surprise appearance including contacting Britney’s fiance, but she passed.”

The reason that Britney chose not to appear on the show was that she felt it was not the right time to come back into the spotlight.

She just finished an intense court battle to end her conservatorship, and while the fans were solidly behind her with a #FreeBritney hashtag trending on social media for weeks now, Spears just wanted to lay low for a bit longer.

Not only did Britney not appear, but she refused to do anything for Dancing With the Stars.

“Once it became clear that Britney wouldn’t be stepping foot into the ballroom, producers pushed to have Britney make a special video for Tyra, but Britney passed on doing that too,” the source said.

It isn’t that Britney Spears wasn’t happy about DWTS honoring her music, as the source said she was flattered. The source also noted that many people are offering her spots on TV interviews, and she hasn’t accepted one of those yet either.

“Making a cameo on Dancing with the Stars would have been fun, but it just isn’t the right moment.”

Britney Spears watched DWTS

The source said that Britney Spears would watch the show as it honored her music.

She saw an interesting mix of covers of her songs, as the show didn’t play songs that had Britney’s vocals.

Britney also saw Tyra Banks dress like her in the episode, which has continued fans making fun of her appearance week after week on the show.

As for the episode, Derek Hough missed this week as a judge as he was exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke also missed the show but performed in separate locations and moved on to the next round.

There was also a three-way tie at the top for the night, with one of this season’s most controversial Dancing With the Stars competitors, Olivia Jade, sharing that lead with a 24 out of 30.

Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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