Bristol Palin: Who is the new Teen Mom OG cast member?

Bristol Palin showing her emotions during her Dancing With the Stars stint
Bristol Palin is a new addition to Teen Mom OG. Pic credit: ABC

Bristol Palin has gotten a lot of attention since announcing she was joining the Teen Mom OG cast. Not only is she a controversial public figure, she is being thrown into an already-established fan base that isn’t always very kind.

The initial response to Bristol Palin joining Teen Mom OG wasn’t a great one. There were a lot of unhappy viewers that voiced concern about her political affiliation. Her salary was also reportedly leaked, drawing a lot of attention to the network hoping to bump viewership.

Who is Bristol Palin?

You may recognize the young adult because of her famous mother. Bristol Palin is the daughter of former VP candidate, Sarah Palin. Back in 2008, the scandal of her pregnancy made waves when it was announced that her mom was chosen to run with John McCain.

Since then, Bristol Palin has done a lot of charity work, including working with the Candie’s Foundation. During that time, she announced she was expecting her second child with a different man and was still unmarried.

Fortunately, Bristol Palin did marry Dakota Meyer in 2016. He is the father of her second and third child. Their marriage lasted nearly two years, but their divorce was finalized in August 2018. Part of this is expected to play out on the current season of Teen Mom OG.

Bristol’s children

Tripp is Bristol Palin’s son. He was born at the end of 2008, and his father is Levi Johnston. The two were engaged twice but never went through with getting married. Their battle for custody was incredibly public with some salacious accusations being thrown around.

Both of Bristol Palin’s daughters, Sailor and Atlee belong to Dakota Meyer. The two had been in a relationship on and off, and she announced her second pregnancy in June 2015. Sailor was born that December, and Atlee was born in May 2017.

What to expect from Bristol on Teen Mom OG

Going into this, Bristol Palin had known some of her colleagues. In fact, she did press with them several years ago as they addressed the teenage pregnancy epidemic.

Sarah Palin has been confirmed as appearing on the show as part of Bristol’s storyline. This could draw some serious views for the network, which is likely why they decided to film her.

Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin are officially divorced now, but back when filming began, they were in the middle of ending their marriage. It looks like viewers will get an inside look at what happened between the two and how things will look moving forward.

Teen Mom OG begins airing a brand new season on October 1. It will air Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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