Bride gets emotional in MAFS sneak peek and admits nobody ‘wanted to commit to me’

MAFS star Clare
MAFS bride Clare gets emotional before tying the knot. Pic credit: Lifetime

Get out your tissues because it will be an emotional night on Married at First Sight as another bride walks down the aisle.

Clare will say I do in the second episode of Season 17, and we have a tear-jerking sneak peek before the full episode.

While shopping for wedding dresses with her family, the bride-to-be cried as she talked about her past relationships and confessed that nobody “wanted to commit to me.”

However, Clare’s mom and sisters reassure her that despite the rocky road to get here, she’s finally found the one in fiance Cameron.

Last week, we watched Emily and Brennan tie the knot and become the first married couple of the season.

Now, it’s time for another couple or two to follow in their footsteps.

MAFS bride Clare sheds tears in MAFS sneak peek

MAFS promises an emotional episode, and PEOPLE posted a sneak peek of bride-to-be Clare during a special moment with her mom and two sisters.

After trying on a stunning dress, Clare was overwhelmed as she reflected on what she went through with her past relationships.

“You guys know I’ve had issues with self-image, and just no one has wanted to commit to me,” said Clare to her family. “Nobody has ever been sure of me.”

Clare noted that her exes have only seen her as a short-term fling but never someone they wanted to commit to forever.

However, the 27-year-old tearfully remarked, “I feel like all the praying I’ve done, it’s all led me here. It’s a lot.”

These days, Clare is comfortable in her skin and is ready to make one of the biggest commitments of her life.

“The fact that I’ll be walking down this [aisle] and meeting somebody that I don’t know is very scary. But I’m here, and I’m ready to share that with someone else,” she declared.

Who else will get married in Episode 2?

We’re hoping for a double wedding tonight, but the preview doesn’t tell us much about who else might walk down the aisle.

The other Season 17 couples are Becca and Austin and Lauren and Orion. Then there’s the episode with Michael and his runaway bride, Chloe, which we’re waiting with bated breath to see play out.

They’ve been teasing the dramatic storyline for quite some time, as this surprisingly marks the first runaway bride one show.

For now, it’s unclear if the experts gave Michael a new match after the embarrassing scene played out.

However, knowing MAFS, they’re going to wait until the very last moment and keep the anticipation going before we see what happened between Chloe and Michael.

Which couple are you most excited to see this season?

Married At First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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