Briana DeJesus speaks out following Ashley Jones brawl: ‘I’m not even mad anymore’

Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus
Is the drama between Ashley and Briana finally over? Pic credit: MTV

Only three episodes into Season 2, Teen Mom Family Reunion has already delivered more drama than viewers have seen in quite some time.

The January 17 episode aired the fight between Briana DeJesus and Ashley Jones that Teen Mom fans have talked about for months.

Monsters and Critics reported that things turned physical when Briana and Ashley’s moms, Roxanne and Tea, had a disagreement at dinner, and the episode proved that the reports were correct.

Kitchen islands were climbed on, loogies were hocked, aluminum bottles were thrown, and threats were exchanged during the chaos that ensued.

Following Tuesday night’s episode, Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers and the cast took to social media to sum up their thoughts on what went down.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Briana shared a surprisingly softer side when she admitted that she didn’t take Ashley’s behavior personally.

The tweets were captured by the fan account Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram and shared on their page, as seen below.

Briana DeJesus shows empathy towards Ashley Jones following brawl on Teen Mom Family Reunion

In one of her tweets, Briana told her followers that she showed empathy toward Ashley’s situation and believed that her co-star wasn’t “necessarily upset” with her, but Briana was essentially her punching bag.

Then, Briana named the reasons for her empathic nature. “Being high risk preg, being away from home, bd in jail, car accident… all at once was definitely alot. So I get it,” she tweeted.

At the time of filming, Ashley’s husband, Bar Smith, was arrested in Nevada on felony charges as a fugitive from justice from another state and was serving time behind bars. Ashley was also pregnant during filming, which Briana leaked in an Instagram Story, and was involved in a car accident just days before filming began.

In another tweet, Briana wrote, “I dont think spitting was an ideal thing to do.. id much rather gotten hit but it is what it is.. I dont take it personal and im not even mad anymore.”

Seemingly responding to questions about whether she would ever be able to get along cordially with her castmate in the future, Briana said, “idk im working on it…”

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers and cast members take sides

Briana wasn’t the only one to speak out after the brawl played out Tuesday night. Most viewers believed that Briana’s mom, Roxanne, was to blame for instigating the feud.

And although many have denounced Ashley spitting on Briana, some viewers still felt it was deserved. However, Briana’s BFF, Jade Cline, came to her defense and tweeted, “The amount of ppl that think spitting on someone is funny is disturbing.”

During a live Instagram video ahead of Tuesday’s episode, Catelynn Baltierra addressed Ashley spitting on Briana and told her followers that she won’t raise her daughters “that way.”

At the end of the episode, executive producer Larry Musnik placed Ashley, Briana, and their moms in separate hotels, separating them from the rest of the cast in the house.

Reports claimed that Briana and Ashley were eventually asked to leave the show because of their scuffle, but it’s unclear what really happened. The Teen Mom film crew went on strike because of the tussle too.

Although viewership for the premiere of Season 2 of Teen Mom Family Reunion tanked, perhaps the brawl is just what the show needs to boost ratings once again.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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