Briana DeJesus shows off new much older boyfriend, Teen Mom 2 fans react

Teen Mom 2 alum Briana DeJesus
Briana finally revealed her boyfriend’s face on social media, and Teen Mom 2 fans had plenty to say. Pic credit: © Steffens/AdMedia

Briana DeJesus finally revealed her new boyfriend’s face, and Teen Mom 2 fans didn’t shy away from sharing their opinions.

Following a four-month engagement to her ex-fiance Javi Gonzalez, Briana has flip-flopped between wanting to stay single and wanting to rejoin the dating pool.

Teen Mom 2 viewers watched Briana’s failed relationships play out on the show. In addition to her short-lived engagement with Javi, Briana’s failed relationship with John Rodriguez was also revealed.

Briana has also hooked up with her second baby daddy, Luis Hernandez, infamously contracting an STD from him, as seen on Teen Mom 2.

After revealing to Dr. Drew and Nessa Diab during the Season 11 reunion for Teen Mom 2 that she had been celibate but was ready to “f**k,” it looks like Briana has made good on her promise.

Briana first teased her new “baby” earlier this month, sharing a screenshot of a bouquet and a sweet note card that her boyfriend sent her. “My baby sure knows how to put a smile on my face,” she captioned the pic.

Briana DeJesus reveals her new boyfriend’s face on social media

Shortly afterward, Briana soft-launched her new man, showing the back of his head but not revealing his face. However, that changed over the weekend when Briana went full bore and shared a video on her Instagram Stories of herself and her boyfriend while they were driving.

Teen Mom Shade Room shared Briana’s video on their Instagram, which showed the new couple driving together in the car. Briana filmed from the passenger’s seat, and when her new man noticed she was recording, he gave a big smile to the camera. Teen Mom Shade Room captioned, “Alrighty thennn Briana and her new boo.”

Teen Mom 2 viewers were relentless in the comments section, most pointing out the apparent large age gap between Briana and her new man.

Teen Mom 2 fans mock Briana DeJesus’ new ‘senior citizen’ boyfriend

“Ok she got a senior citizen,” read one comment

Another one of Briana’s critics joked about the post’s caption: “[Briana] and somebody *granddad lmao fixed it.”

teen mom 2 fans bash briana dejesus' new boyfriend who think is much older than her
Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

More comments flooded the post, with most of them pointing out the age difference between Briana and her boyfriend. “Her new grandpa?” a critic asked.

“They going to his nursing home or something??” asked another critic, clearly mocking Briana’s boyfriend’s age. Another compared Briana’s new man to Kris Jenner’s boyfriend: “I thought it was Corey Gamble at first!”

Yet another critic felt Briana purposely shared a tiny photo to hide their age difference. “She thought making the picture really small we wouldn’t notice ????,” they wrote.

Briana’s new relationship comes on the heels of her claiming she was celibate for eight months. However, Briana made it clear that she wanted a man in her life and wasn’t shy about it.

“I’ve been single and celibate for eight months. After I hit a year, I’m going on bumble and hinge,” Briana tweeted in February 2022 before issuing another tweet, begging MTV to give her a dating show. “Put me on a dating show! @mtv I’m ready,” Briana shared.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and slated to premiere in the near future.

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10 months ago

Who cares .lot more importa Stuff goi g on besides worrying g about who she is dating

10 months ago

He must be LOADED with $$$$$$$ and no brains to be with that ho.