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Briana DeJesus reveals next goal after launching OnlyFans: Teen Mom 2 star wants to buy another home

Briana DeJesus during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus reveals that she is hoping to purchase a second home with the money she’s making from OnlyFans Pic credit: MTV

Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2 has not been shy about the fact that she started an OnlyFans page.

Briana shared the news via social media and proudly bragged to her followers that she made over $10,000 in her first week.

In a tweet she wrote, “Life is crazy. How I just made 10k+ in a week with only fans and no my vagina is not out or titties.”

She also shared that several followers had requested she do a video while sucking her own toes. She then jokingly asked MTV if they would fire her for doing that.

Briana promoted her OnlyFans at $12 per month for subscribers or a discounted rate of $34.40 for three months of content. She teased a preview of the content on her page in a tweet where she showed off her feet next to a leather tassel.

Briana has joked in the past about starting an OnlyFans account but finally decided to take the plunge this year. She recently revealed the motivation behind starting the page.

Briana reveals she’d like to buy a second home

Several fans questioned Briana’s motivation to start an OnlyFans page and one fan even called her “thirsty.”

Briana commented back to the fan and revealed that she is thirsty for money because she wants to buy a second home, paid in full.

A fan calls Briana DeJesus 'thirsty'.
A fan calls Briana DeJesus ‘thirsty’ Pic credit: @justcallmecriss/Twitter

While Briana is saving to purchase another home, it didn’t stop her from splurging on a new designer bag with her recent earnings. She showed off a Gucci hobo bag in an Instagram post and thanked her personal shopper for helping her with the purchase.

Some followers commented on the post and criticized her for bragging about making the purchase at a discounted price. They wondered why she needed to buy something at a discount when she was making so much money from OnlyFans.

Briana does not pose nude on OnlyFans

Briana shared a photo of herself revealing her cleavage after her most recent plastic surgery. She had a sultry look on her face and wrote a caption about how she was working on her self-esteem and being more comfortable in her skin.

A fan asked Briana why she wasn’t posing nude on her OnlyFans page.

She replied and said that it wasn’t worth it.

A fan asks Briana why she isn't posing nude on OnlyFans
A fan asks Briana why she isn’t posing nude on OnlyFans Pic credit: @ASMR_Explosion/Twitter

The fan then questioned Briana’s reasoning and reminded her that she could provide financial security to her family for years to come.

Briana replied and said that maybe she’d consider it once she was no longer on Teen Mom 2.

A fan reminds Briana that she could provide financial security to her family
A fan reminds Briana that she could provide financial security to her family Pic credit: @ASMR_Explosion/Twitter

As Briana continues to bring in a much higher income with her new business venture, fans are curious to see how her baby daddy Devoin Austin will feel.

During the last season of Teen Mom 2, Devoin became frustrated with Briana as she constantly fought with him over providing financial support for their daughter Nova.

Fans are curious to see if Briana will still be hard on Devoin now that she is making so much more money.

Briana continues to promote her OnlyFans page on her social media accounts.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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