Briana DeJesus details depression and going ‘out of character’ to purchase her second home

Briana DeJesus MTV confessional
Briana is working to secure her daughters’ futures. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus is working hard to secure her daughters’ futures and recently celebrated a financial milestone.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Briana surprised her girls, Nova and Stella, on Christmas with the news she was building them a new home.

The home is currently under construction but should be completed soon. Briana shared some updates about the home in her Instagram Story recently.

Briana shared several slides depicting the home’s progress. In one photo, Briana shared that the countertops were being installed, and the walls were being painted.

Drywall insulation was being placed in another photo, and she shared a couple of pics of the outside of the home as well.

In the captions of her pics, Briana went into detail about the struggles she’s faced to be able to afford the house for herself, Nova, and Stella.

Teen Mom star Briana DeJesus: ‘Generational wealth is my end goal’

“I worked so hard, went thru the worst depression, put my life on national tv and did things that took me out of character for this,” Briana wrote in one of her captions.

Briana continued, “I suffered quietly and kept it pushing bc I knew I had to get to the end goal. I made plans and conquered with within 6 years.”

briana dejesus shares photos of her soon-to-be completed home in her Instagram story
Briana shared some photos of her second home, which is currently under construction. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana went on to say that although some will say it’s “just a house,” to her, it’s much more. Briana called her new home “proof” to never give up and said she’s excited to create new memories with Nova and Stella in the Florida abode.

In another slide, Briana said that although the home isn’t a mansion with a white picket fence, it means so much more to her. The MTV star shared that she’s the first woman in her family to own multiple homes.

“I want to give [my kids] everything I didnt get to have during my childhood,” Briana wrote. “Generational wealth is my end goal.”

briana dejesus talks about her daughters' future in her instagram story
Briana talked about providing for her daughters in her IG Story. Pic credit: @_brianadejesus/Instagram

Briana added that she doesn’t want her daughters to have to struggle like she, her mom Roxanne, and her sister, Brittany, did.

Briana paid cash for the Florida townhome she once shared with her mom and sister

For most of Briana’s time on Teen Mom, she’s lived with Roxanne and Brittany. Briana was able to pay off the home in full.

Last season on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Briana moved out of the townhouse she once shared with her mom and sister and moved into her own apartment for the first time.

Briana bought the first townhome with the intention of eventually moving out and giving it to her mom, Roxanne. However, it seems as though Briana had a change of heart. Back in November 2022, Briana told her followers that she was looking to leave Florida behind and start a new life in Texas.

Both Nova and Stella’s fathers, Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez, still reside in Florida, so it likely weighed on her decision to stay in The Sunshine State.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is currently on hiatus.

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