Briana DeJesus confirms Teen Mom 2 is ‘no longer a thing,’ merging OG cast for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

Teen Mom 2 alum Briana DeJesus
Briana confirmed the new Teen Mom spinoff, The Next Chapter. Pic credit: ©

Briana DeJesus confirmed that the casts of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG will be combining for the new spinoff, The Next Chapter.

Monsters and Critics previously reported that MTV had greenlit the new, combined-cast spinoff show, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter (TMTNC).

TMTNC will merge the casts from Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG, with a couple of exceptions. Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry has decided to no longer film for the franchise (despite MTV reaching out to her), and Teen Mom OG alum Mackenzie McKee claimed she wasn’t asked to participate.

Teen Mom OG’s cast consisted of Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Cheyenne Floyd, Mackenzie McKee, and Catelynn Baltierra. Except for Mackenzie, the other four moms will participate in the new spinoff.

From the Teen Mom 2 cast, Briana DeJesus will join castmates Jade Cline, Ashley Jones, and Leah Messer, as Kail is no longer affiliated with MTV.

Per MTV’s website, “The casts of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are each currently in different stages of motherhood – some have kids in diapers, while others are now parenting teenagers! But they all share the unique experience of momming so young.”

Briana DeJesus confirms Teen Mom 2 is ‘no longer a thing’ as casts will combine for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

Most Teen Mom fans know there is a spinoff in the making, but there have been a lot of questions about its title and who would be included in the cast. Initially, the working title was Teen Mom Legacy, but that has since changed. Eight moms are expected to participate in filming, although not all of them have confirmed their participation.

Yesterday, Briana took to Twitter to clear the air, responding to a curious fan who tagged Briana, Jade, and Leah, asking them, “Do any of you girls know when Teen Mom 2 comes back on for another season?”

Briana set the record straight and quote-retweeted, “Teen mom 2 is no longer a thing. Its now called teen mom next chapter. (Tm2+OG) and idk the airdate yet but it will air soon.”

briana dejesus confirmed teen mom: the next chapter
Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Briana’s followers had lots to say about her tweet, many of them less than excited about the prospect of a Teen Mom spinoff.

Teen Mom viewers react to The Next Chapter spinoff

One Teen Mom fan, who likely didn’t realize that not all of the moms signed on to film, tweeted in reply, “So is it going to be 9 girls, that’s a lot for a 44 min show As if you deduct commercials it’s about 44 minutes so each of you girls will get less than five minutes an episode.”

Another Teen Mom fan corrected them, writing, “It’s gonna be 8 girls still a lot ?.”

briana dejesus' twitter followers respond to her confirming teen mom: the next chapter
Pic credit: @xobrianadej/Twitter

Acknowledging the declining ratings in recent years, another one of Briana’s Twitter followers replied, “Lol they are attempting to revamp the show the ratings are the worst they have ever been!!!”

“Yeah with Chelsea and kail leaving I’m sure they’ll only get worse,” another chimed in.

Briana has already shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the new spinoff, alongside her castmate and BFF, Jade Cline. Cory Wharton, who is Cheyenne Floyd’s first baby daddy, did the same, proving that it won’t just be the moms making an appearance on TMTNC. It looks as though the verdict is split among Teen Mom fans, with some looking forward to the switch-up, while others are less enthusiastic about the idea.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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