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Briana DeJesus claims most of the Teen Mom 2 crew ‘hates’ working with Kail Lowry, says Kail cheated on Javi with Chris

Teen Mom 2 co-stars Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus
Briana DeJesus claimed most of the Teen Mom 2 crew “hates” working with her nemesis Kail Lowry. Pic credit: MTV

The beef between Teen Mom 2 co-stars Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry continues to intensify.

Briana is involved in a nasty defamation lawsuit that Kail filed last summer, accusing Briana of spreading false information about her, specifically relating to Chris Lopez.

As part of the lawsuit process, Briana answered questions in a deposition with Kail’s attorney. During the deposition, Briana brought up some gossip she claimed to have heard about the Teen Mom 2 filming crews and Kail.

Briana DeJesus claims most of the Teen Mom 2 crew ‘hates’ working with Kail Lowry

“I overheard — I overheard conversations within the crew that filmed with me, whether they’re on their lunch break, or they’re just gossiping while smoking a cigarette,” Briana told Kail’s attorney, Nicole Haff.

“I overheard some conversations and how most of the crew hates working with Kail, and they would get into detail about the things that she has done to crew.”

“And she’s not so nice, and yeah, they pretty much say things,” Briana continued. “And I’m — it’s in my house, so I’m listening. It’s on my property. I’m there. I can hear it all.”

briana's deposition
During her deposition, Briana said some Teen Mom 2 crew members “hate” working with Kail Lowry. Pic credit: Osceola County Clerk of Court

In addition, Briana alleged that her and Kail’s mutual ex, Javi Marroquin, told her that Kail cheated on him with Chris Lopez.

Briana says Javi Marroquin told her Kail cheated on him with Chris Lopez

“I know they were dating. I know they were sleeping together,” Briana said of Kail’s relationship with Chris. “I also believe that Kailyn was cheating on Javi, her husband, with Chris.”

When asked why she believed that Kail was cheating on Javi with Chris, Briana replied, “Because that’s what Javi told me, because I used to date Javi.”

briana's deposition
Briana claimed Javi Marroquin told her Kail cheated on him with Chris Lopez. Pic credit: Osceola County Clerk of Court

Next, Briana discussed why she thinks Kail has a vendetta against her.

“So you can’t think of any other reason why Ms. Lowry — to date, can you think of any reason why Ms. Lowry would be upset with you? ‘To date’ meaning today,” Haff asked Briana.

Briana explained why she thinks Kail is upset with her

Briana responded and gave her reasons: “I — as of today, I think she’s upset with me for a lot of reasons. I think she’s upset with me that I was a fifth girl added to a four-girl group, and I think she was upset that I was stealing TV time away from her story.”

“She’s upset that I, obviously, dated her ex-husband. She’s upset that I communicate with Chris. She’s upset that I went on a podcast with Chris, and she’s obviously upset at the comment that I made online.”

briana's deposition
Briana listed the reasons why she thinks Kail dislikes her. Pic credit: Osceola County Clerk of Court

Briana and her attorney, Marc Randazza, had their day in court against Kail earlier this week. Walking out of the courtroom afterward, the pair looked ready to celebrate.

When asked how she felt after the court proceedings, Briana said, “I’m okay. I feel good. Yeah.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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  1. Briana needs to just up and leave the show! No one likes her I know I don’t she thinks she can just come onto tv and talk s**t about kail because she f****d her ex. Hell I bet everyone has he’s a man w***e. And first of all moms need to stop going against each other and fighting and come together. Javi did that on purpose the first time hw layed eyes on Briana! And so did she like oh I’m going to get inside smack on kail and expose her on all her personal life. Like std Briana your just a drama seeker who loves to find drama on people and talk s**t about them behind their back I’ve also heard you as well and just because you dated Harvey her ex don’t mean anything don’t even know why you would believe his a** I mean he’s the one who went off and got another girl pregnant as well while he was probably talking to others and you. Javi is just a man w***e, And probably no different than you you went back-and-forth to different men as well and it’s none of your business to see what she does in her life or if she was cheating on Javi that’s none of your business. That’s their life their situation it has nothing to do with you although it does if you were going to be around her children and she is the mother of her children and decides who she wants around her children and who she doesn’t.

    • It’s been said how horribly Kailyn treats the crew. The cre has also expressed that Nriannas famnhas treated them with great respect. Team Brainna 4 sure ✊


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