Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin show each other some love after Teen Mom Family Reunion feud, viewers react

Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus of TMFR
Briana DeJesus sent some love Devoin Austin’s way after this week’s episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion despite their feud. Pic credit: MTV

Despite a feud with her ex Devoin Austin on this week’s episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion, Briana DeJesus sent some love to her baby daddy, and it was reciprocated.

TMFR viewers watched Briana invite her baby daddy Devoin to the San Diego resort where she and the rest of the cast were filming the show.

Devoin agreed to join and things went well until he and Briana tried to hash out their beef with the show’s life coach, Dr. Cheyenne Bryant.

The conversation took a left turn when Devoin felt Briana was spewing “bold-faced lies” about him, which in turn, give him a bad reputation on the show.

Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin show each other some love following Teen Mom Family Reunion feud

Despite their frequent quarrels and inability to find a happy medium to effectively co-parent their daughter Nova, Briana broke the ice after the show aired.

Taking to Twitter after this week’s episode of TMFR, Briana tweeted a message aimed at Devoin that read, “I love you and I care about u so much. And I appreciate everything u have ever done for nova and Stella! @SummerHouseVon ❤”

Devoin replied to Briana’s tweet later the same night and shared a quote tweet above Briana’s original post, praising his daughter’s mother and returning the compliment.

“Right back at you!” Devoin wrote to Briana. “One amazing mother. The girls and I are beyond lucky!!

Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers react to Briana and Devoin’s loving exchange

Teen Mom Talk on Instagram shared screenshots of the tweets and TMFR viewers commented on the loving exchange between exes Briana and Devoin.

One TMFR viewer felt that Briana’s lovey tweet to Devoin was fleeting and likely won’t happen again any time soon.

tmfr viewers commented on briana and devoin's lovey twitter exchange
Pic credit: @teenmomtalktmt/Instagram

“She loves him today, tomorrow he won’t be doing enough,” they commented.

Other TMFR fans wondered whether Briana and Devoin’s Twitter exchange meant the exes are a couple again.

“Are … they back together ..? Or what is happening lol this seems like an alternate universe,” wrote another commenter.

Another TMFR fan commented with a series of hand-clapping and red heart emojis to show they were happy to see the interaction between Briana and Devoin.

tmfr viewers commented on briana and devoin's lovey twitter exchange
Pic credit: @teenmomtalktmt/Instagram

“Glad to see them getting along,” read another comment from a fan. “Devoin is so under appreciated for stepping up, even with Stella who he treats like his own.”

Interestingly, another fan accused Briana of still having feelings for Devoin shortly after the episode aired.

However, Briana denied having romantic feelings for her baby daddy and explained, “Oh gosh no, that’s not the case. I explained on the episode why I am the way that I am but next episode you’ll see us dig deeper in our session.”

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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