Brett Lindsey shares teenage throwback photo and answers Married at First Sight questions

Brett Layton
Brett Lindsey’s Married at First Sight journey ended in divorce. Pic credit: @bee.lind/Instagram

Brett Lindsey appeared on Married at First Sight Season 11.

Since getting married and divorced on the show, Brett has kept a relatively low profile compared to other MAFS stars. 

However, recently Brett took time to answer many questions from followers on social media. 

Fans enjoyed getting to know Brett better as he answered questions about various subjects, including Married at First Sight. 

Brett reacted to questions regarding the experts and some of the behind-the-scenes of the show. 

Brett also answered questions about his love life, shared why he thinks he’s still single and provided a throwback photo from his younger years. 

Brett Lindsey shares his ‘teenage dirtbag’ photo 

Brett Lindsey took to her Instagram Stories and allowed followers to ask him anonymous questions. 

One follower wanted Brett to join in on the ‘teenage dirt back’ trend and share a photo of himself as a teen.

Brett responded with a school photo of himself in a green cap, gown, and glasses, looking quite different from how he was introduced to viewers on MAFS. 

Brett Lindsey's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bee.lind/Instagram

Brett Lindsey answers fans’ Married at First Sight questions 

Fans wanted to know about Brett’s tv experience on MAFS, with one question asking, “Does it feel strange to know you were on tv?”

Brett replied, “No not really. I always assumed I’m the most important person in any room anyway. This isn’t ego, I feel like everyone should feel this way about themselves.” 

Brett Layton's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bee.lind/Instagram

Another inquirer wanted to know, “If you didn’t like the person they matched you with were you able to just walk away and say you don’t want to go thru with this or did you have stay regardless of how you felt?” 

Brett responded, “Ok I can’t reveal anything about the show because they are a litigious group, but let’ do a thought exercise. Imagine you are filming a reality tv show about people who get married for the first time they meet each other. Well filming is expensive, You’ve got all the crew that needs to be paid for that is following around the cast for weeks before the marriage happens. If a cast member were to decide not to go through with a wedding then you would be out of a lot of money. Wouldn’t you put something in place to ensure that doesn’t happen?”

Brett Layton's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bee.lind/Instagram

A follower asked, “Was the production team live and the 3 matching experts?” 

Brett played coy, writing, “My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question.” 

Brett Layton's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bee.lind/Instagram

When one fan wanted to know why Brett is still single, he kept his answer short and blunt.

Brett Layton's Instagram story
Pic credit: @bee.lind/Instagram

Brett replied, “Because I’m an idiot.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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