Brennan Shoykhet ‘disappointed’ in MAFS portrayal: ‘I did the best I could’

MAFS star Brennan Shoykhet reunion
Brennan Shoykhet speaks about his MAFS experience. Pic credit: Lifetime

Brennan Shoykhet remained silent on social media while getting dragged by Married at First Sight fans as Season 17 played out.

However, the 28-year-old has been quiet for long enough, and now he’s speaking out.

In a lengthy message posted online, Brennan thanked his supporters, many of whom came on board during the tail end of the season.

Brennan expressed disappointment in how he was portrayed on the show after confessing he didn’t watch most of the season but saw “bits and pieces.”

Ultimately, though, the MAFS star wants viewers to know, “I did the best I could,” despite how things played out onscreen.

Brennan’s marriage to Emily Balch was not as it seemed, and he got blamed for the demise of their relationship when he started to lose interest early in the season.

It wasn’t until the reunion that we saw a much different side of Emily, and viewers discovered that the cast had formed a pact early in the season to fake their storylines.

However, the wives banded together and turned on their husbands when the plan started to go awry.

The men had their side of the story, and the women had theirs, but things weren’t adding up for viewers, and their allegiance to the wives swiftly changed.

Since then, the men have gotten support online, and Brennan is grateful for that.

Brennan Shoykhet is ‘disappointed’ with his MAFS portrayal

Brennan posted two photos on Instagram from his Season 17 wedding and a lengthy message about his time on the show.

“I would like to take a few moments to reflect on what has been an absolutely wild journey,” he wrote, adding that he “did not watch most of the season.”

However, the MAFS star admitted that the bits and pieces he saw were nothing short of “interesting.”

He also expressed shock at the men versus women saga that overshadowed the season.

“I was also very disappointed that the portrayal of who I was as a person was not shown in the least bit,” added Brennan.

Brennan opens up about his ‘difficult’ MAFS journey

Brennan shared more in the lengthy post, telling his Instagram followers that what they witnessed on TV was “a guy struggling to navigate an incredibly difficult situation.”

The MAFS star noted that despite all the factors involved in how things played out during his marriage to Emily, “I did the best I could.”

At one point, he took accountability for his behavior, adding, “I didn’t recognize myself in the moments I did watch on tv.”

Nonetheless, Brennan is ready to get back to being the “Fun loving carefree guy who loves to live life!”

Before ending the post, he thanked everyone for their support, adding, “I could not have done this without you!”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Karen Halliburton
Karen Halliburton
10 days ago

Fun loving? Seemed controlling and uptight

Donna R. Ablard
Donna R. Ablard
10 days ago

think the guys were unfairly blasted by the “Pink” girls