Brendan Morais lost NordicTrack sponsorship after Bachelor in Paradise backlash

The Bachelorette star Brendan Morais loses not only followers but one of his only sponsorships due to the BIP drama. Pic credit: ABC

It’s clear losing followers wasn’t Brendan Morais’ plan when coming to Bachelor in Paradise, but that’s exactly what happened.

Intentionally leading on Natasha Parker in hopes of waiting for Pieper James’ arrival, after dumping her, he continued to insult her by calling her annoying and pointing out she had no other prospects on the beach.

While he recently posted a lengthy 7-minute apology video directed at his ex on the beach, it didn’t hit the mark as exercise brand NordicTrack is the latest to cut ties with the Bachelorette alum.

Brendan Morais loses his NordicTrack sponsorship following Bachelor in Paradise drama

The Sun reported that fitness brand, NordicTrack is the latest sponsorship to cut ties with the 31-year-old due to his behavior on Bachelor in Paradise.

“NordicTrack is no longer doing business with Brendan and any further business plans have been terminated,” an insider told The Sun.

The insider added, “His behavior does not align with the brand’s values.”

Along with losing one of his only sponsorships, Brendan has also lost over 100,000 followers, which translates to over a third of this total following.

Brendan Morais is accused of leading on and gaslighting Natasha Parker

Despite being an adored contestant for self-eliminating during Tayshia Adams’ stint as The Bachelorette, Brendan went from fan-favorite to villain in one season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Brendan and Natasha connected at the beginning of their time in Mexico and while it clearly lacked affection, Brendan reportedly blamed his slow pace on his previous divorce.

Rumors circulated that he was dating Pieper James outside of Paradise and when confronted, he downplayed the situation, saying they only met a few times.

However, once Pieper arrived, it was a different story. Revealing that they were together right before his flight to the show, their relationship was deeper than he had made it seem.

Feeling “played” and “manipulated”, Natasha was saved when she was given a second shot at love by Master of Ceremonies, Wells Adams.

For Natasha, the hardest part about the situation was the complete disregard for her feelings. “He literally told her, ‘I had to do things and navigate things in a way to stay here.’ And clearly, I was the casualty,” the 33-year-old told ET in an interview.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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