Brendan Morais impresses as Pieper James’ hairstylist

Brendan Morais & Pieper James
Brendan Morais does his girlfriend, Pieper James’, hair. Pic credit: ABC

Fans of Bachelor Nation have seen the relationship between alums Pieper James and Brendan Morais blossom since the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise.

As the duo has continued to share photos and videos of themselves via Instagram and other social media outlets, they have become fan favorites whom everyone is rooting for.

This week, they took things a step further via Pieper’s Instagram page when she let Brendan, style her hair.

Pieper James took to her Instagram page to show her boyfriend, Brendan Morais, doing her hair

Pieper took her Instagram page and paired her video with the song As It Was by Harry Styles, showing Brendan working on her hair.

Pieper captioned it, “happy mane crush day! I let Brendan pick a style from my videos and recreate it himself … how do we think he did? @brendanmorais #manecrushmonday.”

As the video continued, Pieper put on some make-up as Brendan parted her hair down the middle, brushed it out, applied product, put it up in a clip, and twisted the front curls along the sides of her face.

What did Brendan and other viewers say about the post?

Bachelor Nation responded to the video, but not before Brendan did himself first. He wrote, “I twisted a few curls and called it a day.”

Pieper put back, “@brendanmorais that’s all you need to do really!”

Brendan comments on Pieper's video of him doing her hair.
Pic credit: @pieper_james/Instagram

Two other viewers commented on Pieper and Brendan’s video, as one wrote, “when he used your head to set the brush down … I lost it (three laughing/crying face emojis) He did well. More ..”

Another stated, talking about how cute the couple was, “This is cute … I had little hope but he did well (laughing/crying face emoji) The focus (heart-faced emoji).”

Other viewers comment on Pieper's video.
Pic credit: @pieper_james/Instagram

While there seemed to be some controversy when Pieper first showed up on the island, specifically with Natasha Parker accusing Brendan of stringing her along just until Pieper could get there, the two ended up together.

Hannah Godwin spoke about this on the Bachelor Happy Hour and the fact that it’s usually better to not have pre-Paradise communication and hopes.

While this ended up working in Pieper and Brendan’s favor, it hasn’t worked out for all the couples who went in already having names in mind and previous discussions via social media or in person.

It seems as if the duo, with their sense of humor, and back-and-forth jokes with each other, are more in love than ever. Bachelor Nation fans are anxiously awaiting a proposal between the two.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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