Bravo fans worried about Katie Rost after ‘bizarro’ Tweet

Katie Rost selfie
Fans are worried about Katie Rost. Pic credit: @katierostofficial/Instagram

Bravo fans are concerned about The Real Housewives of Potomac alum Katie Rost after some “bizarro” social media activity.

Katie starred as a main cast member on RHOP Season 1, but was later downgraded to a friend of the Housewives status — reportedly because viewers didn’t find her storyline exciting enough.

Last fall, after years of speculation about her mental and physical health, Katie announced she was entering rehab to seek professional treatment for her alcohol and Adderall addictions.

After leaving the program, Katie seemed to be doing better and getting her life back on track.

Earlier this month, the Bravo alum revealed that she’d been working for minimum wage at an organic food market in Bethesda, Maryland, writing on Instagram that the new gig made her feel “like a real person.”

But this week, RHOP fans voiced renewed concern for Katie’s mental health after the former reality star tweeted a “bizarro” overshare.

Katie Rost worries fans with ‘bizarro’ social media post

On Monday, Katie took to Twitter to share — and then quickly delete — what seemed more like a private message.

“There is ONE person in particular,” the former model wrote, “who makes me feel so good.”

“We haven’t had sex yet,” the tweet continued, “but we will. And I can’t wait to join my body to yours.”

“You make me feel accepted, loved, magical,” the Bravo alum wrote.

“I hope I make you feel good.”

Katie Rost's "bizarro" Tweet
Katie Rost’s “bizarro” Tweet. Pic credit: @KatieRost/Twitter

Bravo fans react to Katie Rost’s overshare: ‘bring back journals’

On social media, some Bravo fans voiced their confusion and concern over Katie’s unsettling post.

“Is she okay?” wrote one Reddit user on a Real Housewives fan forum, adding that they hoped “someone in her life checks on her” after seeing the strange tweet.

A post to Real Housewives Reddit
Pic credit: u/u/bitchassshortie/Reddit

Another Reddit user saw a pattern in Katie’s unhinged social media behavior, writing: “This happens from time to time with her. She’s posting pleasant, even clever things, then BAM she posts something bizarro.” 

A post to Real Housewives Reddit
Pic credit: u/WinnieCerise/Reddit

But others saw the post as just some harmless TMI. In the Reddit forum, one fan issued a call to “bring back journals” — the kind with “locks and keys.”

A post to Real Housewives Reddit
Pic credit: u/Femmenoire__/Reddit

Overall, most seemed to agree that Katie — who was recently seen on social media begging Andy Cohen for her spot back on The Real Housewives of Potomac — should stay out of the spotlight for now.

A post to Real Housewives Reddit
Pic credit: u/UnableMycologist2240/Reddit

As one commenter put it: “Focus on yourself first.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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