Bravo fan page exposes alleged DMs from Luis Ruelas digging up dirt on ‘pig’ Margaret Josephs

RHONJ star Luis Ruelas close up
Luis Ruelas’ alleged DMs exposed. Pic credit: Bravo Media/NBCUniversal

Luis Ruelas is getting exposed online after he allegedly reached out to a Bravo fan page to try and get information about Margaret Josephs.

The DMs have been making the rounds on social media and, as if he wasn’t getting enough backlash, things are getting worse for Teresa Giudice’s husband.

Luis was an absolute disaster on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this past season and things have taken a dark turn.

There are reports of detectives getting information on cast members, claims of Luis calling and threatening Margaret Josephs’s son, and accusations of a smear campaign against certain cast members.

The one name at the center of all this controversy is Luis Ruelas, and although it’s been a few days since the final part of the reunion aired, the negative stories about Luis have not died down.

Meanwhile, it seems Luis is not scared of the backlash because reports are that he’s still fishing around for information on his castmates, or at least one castmate in particular Margaret Josephs.

RHONJ star Luis Ruelas’ alleged DMs exposed by Bravo fan page

Luis Ruelas’s name is back in the blogs after he allegedly messaged a Bravo Fan page trying to get information about Margaret Josephs.

The Instagram page @yourmomsarewatching, which is run by former Hollywood development girl Thea de Sousa, shared a screenshot of the DMs she received from Luis, and it showed his name as well as his Instagram handle and Instagram photo.

There were three messages all sent on the same day, where Luis queried whether Thea was told by Margaret to post information about him and Teresa Giudice.

The message read, “Why did you put that out there about Teresa and I?…did Margaret ask you to do it? The way you explained this and came at us is something Marge would do.”

He then urged Thea to “be honest” and asked again, “Did she put you up to it in anyway?”

Luis Ruelas allegedly called Margaret Josephs a ‘pig’ in DMs

That wasn’t the only message that Luis sent to the Instagram page as he blasted Margaret Josephs in the DMs.

In the first message, the 48-year-old told Thea that she would be better off “doing good” in the world, and accused her of taking bribes from Margaret.

“You may feel better while wearing those sunglasses you bought with the bride money you got from the PIG,” he added.

Meanwhile, another Instagram page @bravochatroom reposted the screenshots and wrote, “Really Louie?? Ugh, he is so insane! This was the DM he sent to @yourmomsarewatching.”

Alleged DMs from Luis Ruelas
Pic credit: @bravochatroom/Instagram

Do you believe that these messages were sent by Luis Ruelas? Sound off in the comments.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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11 months ago

You need to be careful. It is clear that Luis has psychological issues and is very dangerous. There were no good comments from his exes. He was accused of hitting one in front of her child and slashing tires of another. It is clear that Luis needs counseling. And he is clearly a stalker on top of everything else

11 months ago

He is a sleeze

11 months ago

Yes they sound like something Louie would write.

11 months ago

Yes because he’s a mess and loves his 15 mins of fame