Brat Loves Judy exclusive: Judy and Deja talk out their issues after a surprising revelation

Deja on Brat Loves Judy
Deja sits down with her mom, Judy, to talk about her difficult childhood. Pic credit: WEtv

Last week on Brat Loves Judy, Deja and Judy spent some time crafting and talking and that’s where Deja surprised her mother with claims that she had a rough childhood.

Judy wasn’t sure what to make of Deja’s admission, where she claimed to have had to grow up fast and said that it was she who raised her younger brother and not her mom.

As we get to the Season 1 finale of Brat Loves Judy, Judy is trying to get to the bottom of Deja’s claims and figure out where she’s coming from. After all, they both have very different recollections of what actually went down.

Deja feels like she was left to be the adult a lot, something that many firstborn children feel. And she may have been tasked with keeping an eye on her brother, too, because Judy was working hard to make ends meet and provide for her children.

As Judy explained to Deja in this Brat Loves Judy sneak peek, shared exclusively with Monsters and Critics, she had to work long hours and late nights to give her children a great life. She admitted that she may not have been around much because she was busy working so hard.

Deja does seem to understand her mom’s point of view, and she even said that she didn’t want to sound ungrateful while still admitting that, due to her mom working all the time, there were things they still missed out on.

It sounds like Judy and Deja will be able to communicate to help mend some of the hurts, but we’ll just have to tune in and see how it all plays out.

Brat Loves Judy airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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