Brandi Glanville is setting the record straight about RHUGT drama with Caroline Manzo

Brandi Glanville on the red carpet
Brandi has opened up about the RHUGT drama with Caroline. Pic credit: ©

The gloves are off for Brandi Glanville regarding Caroline Manzo and what happened during Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 4 filming.

Earlier this year, Brandi and Caroline filmed RHUGT Season 4 Ex-Wives Club in Monaco.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, an incident occurred between Caroline and Brandi, leading to both of them leaving the show before filming wrapped.

This was Brandi’s second time in the Real Housewives spin-off, with a season focusing on former cast members.

It was Caroline’s first time on RHUGT, and Brandi’s using that to her advantage to share her side of the story.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum is speaking her truth after the premiere of RHUGT Season 4 was pushed back.

Brandi Glanville opens up about RHUGT drama with Caroline Manzo

In an interview with Page Six, Brandi got real about the headline-making story involving her and Caroline.

“It was a really tough beginning of the year,” Brandi revealed. “I feel like the narrative that’s out there is very unfair, and if anything like that actually transpired, I would’ve thought that production would have stepped in.”

Brandi allegedly kissed Caroline and touched her inappropriately without her consent. The incident occurred in a bathroom stall where cameras could not film, but according to Brandi, they both had their mics.

Therefore, audio of what happened exists, and Brandi had her lawyer try to get it released. However, the footage has yet to come out, which is one reason Brandi’s ready for the season to air.

“I am excited for the show to finally air so that we can all see what happened and have our own takeaways,” she said before adding, “I just want it to air so we can see all sides of it.

Brandi has no ill will toward Caroline, but that didn’t stop her from taking a little dig at the RHONJ alum.

RHOBH alum Brandi Glanville disses Caroline Manzo over RHUGT stint

“I think it just comes down to she hasn’t been on TV in ten years, and she wasn’t ready for what a girls’ trip really is. She’s a grandma. You know it’s different,” Brandi expressed to Page Six.

Despite Brandi’s thoughts on Caroline not being ready for the show, Brandi did say Caroline was fun and engaging during filming.

Brandi claims Caroline wanted the other ladies to feel her boobs and was talking about threesomes. The Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast host admitted Caroline was great until she was crossed, then not so much.

Page Six has reported an investigation revealed no evidence to support Brandi or Caroline’s story.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville has expressed that the narrative surrounding her RHUGT drama with Caroline Manzo has been tough. Brandi, though, has realized she can’t dwell on it and is moving forward.

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 1-3 are streaming on Peacock.

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