Brandan and Mary read ‘hateful comments’ and clap back at 90 Day Fiance critics

90 Day Fiance couple Mary and Brandan DeNuccio screenshot
Mary and Brandan DeNuccio responds to viewer comments. Pic credit: TLC

Brandan and Mary have seen and heard all the criticism about their toxic romance but the young lovers are not letting it affect their relationship.

They recently read some of the “hateful comments” from 90 Day Fiance critics and they attempted a few clapbacks in response.

Their story is still playing out on the popular TLC show, and things recently got a lot more complicated for the young couple. 

Amid mounting relationship issues and financial challenges, the pair found out they were expecting a child.

Brandan and Mary are having a baby girl— although in real life they’re already parents since the show was filmed several months ago. 

The arrival of their first child hasn’t helped the duo’s relationship as their recent social media behavior indicates that they’re having trouble.

Mary recently aired her frustrations about Brandan on social media but it seems the toxic pair have made up, at least for now. 

Mary and Brandan clap back at ‘hateful comments’ from 90 Day Fiance viewers

Mary and Brandan put on a united front in their recent YouTube video where they read and responded to what they dubbed as “hateful comments” from 90 Day Fiance viewers. 

The first comment they showed was someone telling Brandan to leave the Philippines and go back home to America because he deserves better.

Mary took a more childish approach with her response as she mockingly rubbed her eyes and made a crying face.

Brandan attempted a more grown-up retort and said, “That’s just someone else’s opinion, so I mean there’s no response to it.”

Another viewer poked fun at the ridiculous church scene where Mary told Brandan he could only look straight ahead– not left or right –since he was not allowed to look at other females.

“I hope you both have grown up,” said the commenter.

Has Mary DeNuccio changed her toxic ways?

Brandan responded to the 90 Day Fiance viewer and noted that Mary has made some changes since that scene played out. However, we’ll have to see that for ourselves to believe it.

“Looking back, yeah, it is kind of funny that I can’t even look left or right,” admitted Brandan, who noted that these days Mary allows him a bit more freedom.

However, the 23-year-old claimed “Mary has worked on that a lot,” and now he can go to the store by himself and not have to worry about her “overthinking about me looking or talking to girls or anything like that.”

“As far as us growing up as a couple it has definitely gotten better,” he added.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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