Boss Moves exclusive: Rasheeda Frost shares her secrets to success in business and in love

Rasheeda Frost on Boss Moves
Rasheed Frost spoke with Monsters and Critics about Boss Moves on Philo. Pic credit: Philo

Rasheeda Frost is a boss chick, so it’s not surprising that she has a reality show on Philo called Boss Moves, and it’s a lot of fun to watch!

Today is the premiere day for Season 2, and ahead of the big day, Rasheeda sat down with Monsters and Critics to answer a few questions about her Philo exclusive series, marriage, and business, and she even gave some great advice.

Rasheeda is a multi-talented woman who has found more success in her lifetime than many people ever will, and one of the most amazing things about her is that she is not a gatekeeper.

The rapper, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, and successful business owner is more than happy to share her secrets to success, and do believe that we asked!

She not only shared advice with us about how to be a successful entrepreneur but also spoke about how she values her own success because, with it, she’s able to provide opportunities for many other people.

Now that’s a boss move right there!

Boss Moves is about more than just Rasheeda

Rasheeda Frost and her husband Kirk have their hands in multiple businesses, from her clothing store, Pressed, to their multiple Atlanta eateries and real estate endeavors.

She even shared that they are breaking into television production because, apparently, she wasn’t already busy enough.

It would be easy to make a whole reality series just about Rasheeda, and it would still be interesting, but that’s not what Boss Moves is.

Yes, we do get to see a lot more of Rasheeda than we ever did in a single episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, but we also get to see the people around her.

We get to see who works for Rasheeda, how she deals with her marriage while working alongside her husband, and we get to see her rubbing elbows with a lot of Atlanta’s most prominent stars — many of them her friends and people she has done business with.

Rasheeda Frost shares how she keeps her marriage fresh

Rasheeda and Kirk are coming up on 23 years of marriage in December, and one of our biggest questions for her is, how do they keep it fresh?

She shared that, first and foremost, Rasheeda and Kirk started as friends, and because of that deep and long-lasting friendship, they’ve been able to work through many of their issues.

“You have to make time for yourselves,” Rasheeda divulged. “You really, really do in this world. Especially with us being business partners and having all these different things, us just shutting everything down and just really digging into each other is really, really important.”

“Keeping the sex life lit” is another essential parting of keeping their love alive.

Check out Monsters and Critics full interview with Rasheeda Frost below and make sure to tune in for Season 2 of Boss Moves, which can only be seen on Philo.

New episodes of Boss Moves air on Tuesdays on Philo.

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