Blake Moynes revealed why he isn’t responding to Katie Thurston’s messages

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes
Blake Moynes revealed he’s still hurting from his breakup with Katie Thurston and is not in a place to respond to her messages. Pic credit: @ABC

The Bachelorette’s Blake Moynes opened up about what lead to his and Katie Thurston’s breakup, where they stand now, and his biggest regrets about the show.

Blake revealed he’s still healing from the public split and hasn’t been in a place to respond to Katie’s messages.

Blake Moynes hasn’t responded to Katie Thurston’s messages

The Bachelorette alum spoke on his conflicting feelings toward his former fiancée on the Almost Famous Podcast.

“I say I’m good only because it’s been time, right? Like time heals a lot of things and time just allowed you to kinda reflect and just move past kind of the mayhem that’s happened over the last bit,” Blake said.

Despite struggling in the relationship after the show, Blake said he was still hurt and confused by Katie’s decision to publicly begin dating John Hersey so soon.

“She has reached out to me,” he said. “I just have not been in a place yet to respond to it, especially the time it all was unravelling.”

Blake said he’s made the decision to take a step back in order to reflect and prevent himself from responding in the heat of the moment.

Blake Moynes revealed what lead to his and Katie Thurston’s breakup

The Bachelorette alum also spoke on struggling to maintain his relationship with Katie following the show.

“It was easy to fall in love, it was easy to get there, it was easy to feel like this was the most incredible thing ever, and then real life came,” he said.

The turning point for the couple came during their first extended period of time together, where tension built up over a three-week visit.

Blake felt like he lost control after the show and has spent the past several months focusing on himself and the things that he loves. As for his love life, the wildlife manager has been taking a break from women after his chaotic engagement.

Blake Moynes said he and Katie Thurston will talk when he’s ready

Katie herself has been going strong with boyfriend John Hersey, which has been challenging for Blake.

He revealed that to some extent, Katie’s decision made it easier for him to understand that there was no chance of reconciling, however, it also prompted him to end communication with her even though they’d spoken cordially previously.

Although Blake is moving on and focusing on his own journey, he did admit that he feels he won’t be able to fully heal until getting all of his questions answered by Katie.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus.  

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