Blake Moynes ready for ‘good luck’ in next relationship after split from Katie Thurston

Blake Moynes
Blake Moynes is hopeful his next relationship will be long-lasting. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Moynes has tried to find love three times on The Bachelorette. After ending his engagement with The Bachelorette Season 17 star Katie Thurston, Blake appears hopeful that his next relationship could go the distance.

Reacting to a fellow Bachelor Nation alum’s tweet, Blake provided insight into his stance on romance with just one word.

Blake Moynes wants a ‘Good Luck Chuck’ moment

Recently, Blake engaged with a tweet from The Bachelor Season 23 star Elyse Dehlbom. In Elyse’s tweet, she expressed her hopes for her next relationship.

The Bachelor viewers will recall that Elyse was the red-headed beauty who competed for Colton Underwood’s heart. She ultimately chose to self-eliminate while in Thailand because she realized she wasn’t ready for an engagement after getting so little time with Underwood. 

Now, Elyse has shared what a producer on The Bachelor told her back when she was on the show and how that sentiment fuels her hope.

Elyse tweeted, “When I was on [The Bachelor] a producer told me that often the next person you date after the show is the person you end up with, and I’m ready for my Good Luck Chuck moment.”

Blake commented in agreement with Elyse’s post, writing, “Same.”

Blake Moynes' comment
Pic credit: @ElyseDehlbom/Twitter

What is Good Luck Chuck?

Elyse’s mention of Good Luck Chuck references the 2007 movie Good Luck Chuck, starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.

In the film, a dentist is cursed when he learns that every one of his ex-girlfriends finds true love after dating and breaking up with him. The dentist then builds a reputation of being a “good luck charm” because women find their soulmates immediately after ending their relationship with him.

It seems a producer on The Bachelor believes that dating the lead on the show is also a form of “good luck” in finding “true love” directly afterward.

Blake has now dated three different leads on The Bachelorette in Clare Crawley, Tayshia Adams, and his ex-fiance Katie Thurston. Time will tell if he has triple the luck in his next relationship based on The Bachelor producer’s theory.

Blake’s comment on Elyse’s post also caught attention because some in Bachelor Nation speculated that Blake might be interested in exploring a romantic relationship with Elyse.

It’s not uncommon for Bachelor Nation alums to date one another, so perhaps Blake and Elyse will bring each other “good luck” in the future. Either way, both Bachelor Nation alums appear hopeful of finding ‘the one’ in their next relationship.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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