Blake Horstmann thinks Michael A will be the next Bachelor lead, offers up a warning

Blake Horstmann gives an intense look to the left while wearing a suit
Blake Horstmann worries about Michael Allio’s future with the franchise. Pic credit: ABC

Katie Thurston’s season is nearing the end and Bachelor Nation has been vocal about which men from Katie’s season should be in the running to star as The Bachelor. 

Michael Allio has made the top of that list after his emotional departure from The Bachelorette. Fans feel confident that Michael A. would make a great Bachelor due to his authenticity and charm.

The Bachelor franchise alum, Blake Horstmann also believes Michael will be named The Bachelor’s lead and shared his concerns for Michael A if he were to take on the Bachelor role. 

Blake Horstmann feels it’s hard to remain a ‘fan favorite’

In an interview with the 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Hanley podcast, Blake shared his thoughts on Michael Allio and the challenges that come with being a part of The Bachelor franchise. 

Blake acknowledged that Michael A. seems like a sweet and genuine guy and that his current status as a beloved fan-favorite could be jeopardized if he were to star on The Bachelor, especially because the show tends to give its stars unflattering edits in order to produce drama and conflict. 

Blake expressed worry that Michael A’s genuine character would be attacked on The Bachelor, stating, “Sometimes those producers can mold him into what they want and that can be very dangerous.” 

This warning from Blake comes from his own personal experience with the show and being made out to be the bad guy on Bachelor on Paradise, which took a serious toll on his mental health.

While on BIP, Blake found himself in the midst of a heated scandal when Caelynn Miller-Keyes exposed him for having sexual relations with her and other women from The Bachelor franchise at the Stagecoach festival. 

Blake feels the “Stagecoach controversy” got out of hand and was allegedly used by BIP producers to attack his character and make him a core source of drama on the season. Blake told the podcast, “The most frustrating part about that whole situation is, on the beach there was nothing I really did wrong…They wanted to make me a villain so bad that they had to bring things from the real world in and edit it to be much worse than it actually was.” 

Michael A. may not even want to be the next Bachelor 

Blake may not have to worry about Michael A. facing challenges as the Bachelor, since Michael has recently claimed that he’s not sold on the idea of being The Bachelor’s next leading man. However, it’s not because of the threat of his character being attacked, but rather his son, James, that has Michael unsure about joining The Bachelor. 

Michael shared that he’d be hesitant to be the Bachelor because of how quickly he’d have to meet and get engaged to a woman and then introduce that woman to his son. While Michael isn’t jumping at the idea of being on The Bachelor just yet, he does still believe that love is out there for him.

Michael A. continues to carry himself with class since exiting the show and further proves Blake’s sentiment that he’s a fantastic father and has a good head on his shoulders.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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