Blake Horstmann calls Nick Viall the ‘biggest hypocrite’ amid Katie Thurston drama 

Blake Horstmann
Bachelor Nation stars get involved in a petty exchange. Pic credit: @balockaye.h/Instagram

The Bachelorette is back and bringing the drama, but there’s also beef and drama popping off among Bachelor Nation alums. 

Former Bachelorette, Katie Thurston, had some less than positive words about former Bachelor Nick Viall. Nick Viall and his girlfriend Natalie Joy then clapped back on his podcast with text message receipts. 

Now, Blake Horstmann has entered the beef as he called out Nick Viall’s ‘hypocritical’ behavior. 

Blake Horstmann slams Nick Viall

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy read text messages between Nick and Katie on The Viall Files in an effort to prove that Nick had been nothing but nice to the former Bachelorette after Katie hinted at having bad blood.

Natalie even suggested that Katie was deceitful with Nick and her suitors on The Bachelorette Season 17. 

Blake Horstmann reacted to Nick and Natalie’s shady behavior by taking to his Instagram stories in all-caps. 

Blake wrote, “This has to be a joke right!? This man has talked s**t about me for 4 years bc he can’t get over (even though he tells everyone to get over everything) my text release from BIP (for an actual big deal) then he releases texts for something as stupid and benign as this. Biggest hypocrite in the world. My god.” 

The texts Blake referred to in his post concerned his messy situation on Bachelor in Paradise. 

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, Blake was accused of sleeping with several Bachelor Nation women at Stagecoach. 

After Caelynn Miller-Keyes made disparaging claims about Blake, he publicly released a text thread between him and Caelynn to clear his name, a choice Nick seemed to talk down on in the past.

Blake’s recent post pointed out the irony in Nick taking issue with his text release only to now expose Katie Thurston’s texts. 

Natalie Joy suggests Katie Thurston lied about Nick Viall 

After Katie revealed she blocked Nick from her phone on a TikTok live, Nick responded with his girlfriend, Natalie Joy, who had a lot to say about the situation on The Viall Files podcast. 

Natalie expressed feeling confused by Katie’s video and claimed that Nick has ‘only ever tried to help’ Katie and gave her advice that Katie allegedly never acted on.  

Natalie urged Nick to read a text exchange between him and Katie as she appeared to think it would expose Katie as the problematic one in their friendship. 

Nick chose to read the last text conversation he had with Katie, presumably before being blocked. 

In the text, Katie wrote about her dramatic split with Greg Grippo, stating, “Ultimately, my opinion on Greg doesn’t matter. I knew before he left he wasn’t the one. It was hard watching it back and always giving him validation, only for him to leave the way he did. But I knew even then that there was zero chance him and I would work in the real world.”

Nick then shared that his only reply was, “It’s good you have clarity.” 

Natalie found it ironic that Katie accused Greg Grippo of being an actor when her texts would imply she was doing the acting. 

While Nick Viall has a large fan base, it doesn’t appear Katie or Blake is a part of it.  

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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