Blake Abelard talks sex with Jasmin, says no quarantine baby on the way

Blake talks about his and Jasmine's sex life during quarantine
Blake talks quarantine sex with Jasmin in new interview. Pic credit:TLCBlak

It’s been a while since we’ve seen 90 Day Fiance alums Blake Abelard and his wife Jasmin.

The two were featured on the show after meeting on dating website.

Jasmin, who lived in Finland at the time, later came to the U.S to visit Blake. By the end of season 7, the couple had tied the knot.

Viewers assumed that Jasmin was only with Blake because she wanted a green card, but despite the naysayers, the couple is still going strong.

Blake talks quarantine sex with Jasmin

Blake, a music producer, has given an update on how he and his wife have been doing during quarantine.

During a recent interview with the DomNati show, Blake shared intimate details about the couple’s sex life.

Host Domenick Nati delved right into the personal questions, asking, “Have you had any intimacy issues, and how has the sex been?”

“It’s been good,” Blake responded laughing. “It’s been, uhh, happening more and requested more during this quarantine.”

“So more sex during quarantine?” Domenick replied.

“Oh yea, cause I’m home more,” Blake responded. “I literally had to bring the whole studio home….but yeah man ever since quarantine that’s been happening.”

Naturally, the conversation turned to whether Blake and Jasmin were planning to add another member to their family.

While there aren’t any immediate plans, Blake did tell Domenick that they do want to start a family in the future.

The season 7 alum said, “That’s a number one question everybody always asks. I can’t tell when…because I don’t know, but yes it will happen of course.”

“But you’re not trying to create a baby with all the quarantine sex” Domenick asked.

“No,” Blake answered. “No quarantine babies right now.”

Blake says Jasmine loves his music

During the interview, the 29-year-old also dished on the rumors that Jasmin doesn’t support this music career.

On the show, she made it clear that she didn’t enjoy the club scene that is a big part of Blake’s job as a music producer.

However, Blake took the opportunity to correct the record and insisted that his wife is indeed supportive.

“I can tell you right now, like the stuff that I’m working on at this moment, literally ten minutes ago she was telling me ‘when are you gonna release this’ cause she likes it.”

He went on, “She sees me go through the process. She likes the process of it being made…from the show and everything else it made it seemed like she doesn’t like it at all.”

He added,  “Yeah she doesn’t like the whole scene and being in the club… but as far as the music process of it, yeah of course she loves it, like who hates music?”

90 Day Fiance is now on hiatus on TLC.

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