Black Ink Crew: Alex reveals his true feelings for Donna after THAT sex tape, but how will she react?

Donna from Black Ink Crew exposed in sex tape with Alex the Vagina Slayer.
Donna from Black Ink Crew was exposed in a sex tape with co-star Alex

It seems like everyone’s now seen Donna and Alex’s public bathroom sex tape.

Initially, Donna claimed to just be dancing with her Black Ink Crew co-star but, as fans know, it was quickly proved to be way more than that.

The news put Donna’s relationship in jeopardy but we quickly learned on the show that Alex was catching feelings for Donna too. Now, it’s time to find out if that was just an apparent fling for Donna and Alex or if she has feelings for him too.

Last week, Alex told Miss Kitty that he has serious feelings for Donna. Considering all the drama that Donna was dealing with and the fact that she still had a man, Kitty suggested that Alex should keep his feelings to himself. Clearly, he’s not taking that advice.

Tonight on Black Ink Crew, the synopsis says: “Ceaser and the crew crash Sky’s vacation in Miami. Kitty launches an attack on Ceaser. Alex reveals his true feelings to Donna and an unexpected guest shows up seeking revenge.”

Now we already know that Sky is going to let Ceaser and the rest of the crew stay in Miami as long as they respect her conditions. She may even reconcile with Kevin, who got caught getting freaky with her sperm donor last week. But what about Donna and Alex?

Donna from Black Ink Crew exposed!

There has been a lot of interest in Donna and Alex ever since their sex tape went viral. The video of the Black Ink Crew castmates in a public bathroom is obviously too graphic to post here, but is easily found with a quick Google.

After Alex and Donna’s sex tape went viral, her boyfriend Mo saw it. On a previous episode of Black Ink Crew, Donna admitted that she was “in love” with Mo and that she was really sad that she embarrassed him like that.

With her boyfriend clearly upset about Donna’s cheating caught on video, it’s not really clear what direction their relationship will go.

In the meantime, it looks like Alex wants to be with Donna and he’s going to tell her. With Donna upset about Mo’s reaction to the sex tape, it doesn’t look like she’ll be interested in Alex’s advances but who knows, she could definitely surprise us.

With Black Ink Crew spoilers claiming that an unexpected guest shows up, it sounds like Mo could be coming to confront them both but we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

Based on a look through Donna Lombardi’s Instagram, it looks like she and Mo may have called it quits. The last time he made an appearance on her social media was several months ago. As for Alex, she posted a video with him in it back in April.

Do you think Donna and Alex from Black Ink Crew should give love a shot? Or is she too hung up on Mo to even go there?

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1.

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