BIP star Dylan Barbour seems to miss the whole point about representation in an awkward tweet

Dylan Barbour
Dylan Barbour looks bad in recent tweet. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor In Paradise star Dylan Barbour went on a Twitter rant this past weekend.

Something appeared to have triggered him, as he lashed out at Bachelor Nation for the way the franchise treats contestants.

He also made reference to the fact that the franchise doesn’t care about people’s mental health and uses them until they are no good anymore.

In a series of tweets and replies, Dylan revealed all kinds of information, including details about whether people were truly villains in real life.

He would later delete these tweets.

BIP star Dylan Barbour misses the point about diversity

In one of those tweets, Dylan replied to a person, who asked him if he was upset because of the lack of proper representation.

The person tweeting him, who appeared to be a person of color, added, “because that would really upset me too.”

In the reply, Dylan simply wrote, “Of?” as if to ask what kind of representation was lacking.

The person replied, “[Your] tweet is about The Bachelor…”

Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

The screenshot, which was grabbed by @bachelorettewindmill, added, “not the best look.”

Of course, the Bachelor franchise has been under fire for not showing proper representation of African Americans and minorities on the show. That’s something they are trying to rectify with Matt James as the lead.

Dylan Barbour went off on the Bachelor franchise this weekend

We don’t really know what triggered Dylan. Over the weekend, Dylan went off on Twitter, blasting The Bachelor franchise and fans believed it could have something to do with the way Heather Martin is treated on an upcoming episode.

He also revealed that Peter Weber is not a scum bag, setting the record straight about the former Bachelor star.

After his rant exposed Bachelor Nation, Dylan issued a statement about his decision.

“This past weekend I got into the discussion of being in the public eye and its effects on mental health,” he explained to Us Weekly.

“I’ve seen a lot of people thrust into this level of notoriety, and with it comes immense scrutiny. And those same friends have had their mental health suffer tremendously from it.”

“With that said, I believe the way the message was delivered was wrong. I’m appreciative of the franchise and the platform given to me, and that was not reflected,” he explained.

There has been no word on whether ABC reached out to him and asked him to delete the tweets.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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