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Big Brother: What is the BB Basement and how does it work?

Ian Terry Playing On BB22
Ian Terry was brought back to play on BB All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 has revealed a new twist and it is called the BB Basement.

Host Julie Chen Moonves had told the BB22 cast that they would be dealing with secret rooms this summer and the first one popped up on the season premiere.

The first secret room twist was the Safety Suite. Within that room, houseguests could play in a competition to gain safety for the week. The winner could also pick someone else to be safe for the week.

After three weeks, the Safety Suite was closed up. Now, it’s time for a new room to make its appearance this summer.

What is the BB Basement?

During the September 3 episode of the show, the narrator said in the intro that a new room would be opened. After a long segment of the show, Julie then hinted that the BB Basement was about to open.

Then, after the new Head of Household was crowned, Julie let the viewers in on some more components of the new twist.

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